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X (formerly Twitter) withholds accounts of ‘Indian American Muslim Council’ and ‘Hindus For Human Rights’, known for anti-India propaganda

As per Disinfo Lab, Hindus for Human Rights was formed in the year 2019 by Indian American Muslim Council and the Organization for Minorities of India.

Parliament of World’s Religions cancels talk by Vivekananda Kendra Vice President Nivedita Bhide after vicious campaigns by leftists and Islamists

Nivedita Bhide boasts an impressive literary record with more than 15 published books to her name. She conducts regular yoga teachings and spiritual retreats worldwide, imparting her wisdom.

USA’s Pakistan caucus member Ro Khanna directly interfering in India? Meets Muslims of Nuh, parrots Al-Qaeda-linked IAMC’s propaganda, meets ex-SIMI Ilyasi and more

Ro Khanna appeased his anti-India coterie by meeting Muslims of Nuh, Umar Khalid's fathers, Tushar Gandhi, among others.

2 malicious letters: Analysis of 16 orgs & 24 lawmakers, with links to Jihadis, Khalistanis and more, campaigning against State Dinner for PM Modi...

Orgs including those with links to terrorist organisations wrote to President Biden not to host State Dinner for PM Modi

Islamist IAMC, Soros linked HrHR, whose founder was with Rahul Gandhi during US tour, others, ask Prez Joe Biden to cancel State Dinner with...

IAMC, which has links to Islamic terror organisations, announced that 17 organisations have written to President Joe Biden to rescind the State Dinner invitation to Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi

Rahul Gandhi in USA: Hudson Institute, Sunita Vishwanath and the dangerous Islamist, George Soros and anti-India links. A deep-dive analysis

The event of Rahul Gandhi where he is talking at Hudson Institute, seated alongside Sunita Vishwanath is now being widely discussed.

Congress faces criticism as US citizens linked to anti-India Islamic organisations organise registration to meet Rahul Gandhi

People linked to terror-linked Islamic organisations sought registration from Muslims to meet Rahul Gandhi in the US

IAMC, with links to terror orgs including Jamaat-e-Islami, comes out in support of Rahul Gandhi, executive director says proof of India being ‘fascist’

Islamic terror organisations, including Jamaat-e-Islami linked Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC) issued a statement condemning the disqualification of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi

Islamist organisation IAMC attacks Lieutenant Governor of Maryland for “promoting Hindutva” as she takes oath on Bhagwad Gita

The radical Islamist outfit Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC) got irked by Aruna's decision to take oath on a copy of Bhagwad Gita.

The Wire gives platform to Jamaat-e-Islami linked IAMC to insult, gaslight American Hindus in their lawsuit against Audrey Truschke

The Wire has gone on to provide platform to Rasheed Ahmed, the executive director of the Indian American Muslim Council

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