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ISIS women

Mohammad Tariq was taking training in ‘love jihad’ by ISKP terrorist Sumera, was spreading ISIS ideology through online games: UP ATS reveals

Mohammad Tariq was arrested on July 6 by UP ATS for spreading the ideology of ISIS on multiple social media platforms while ISKP terrorist Sumera was arrested by Gujarat ATS last month

German ISIS bride sentenced to over 9 years in jail for enslaving and abusing Yazidi woman, aiding her rape by husband

German woman Nadine K sentenced to jail for participating in enslaving and abusing a Yazidi woman, rape by her husband

Honeytrap Hindus to convert to Islam and join ISIS: All about Deepthi Marlah alias Maryam, the kin of a deceased Congress MLA

NIA had arrested Deepthi Marlah alias Maryam for alleged links to the terrorist organization ISIS in January last year

The Kerala-ISIS connection: Religious conversions, the rampant radicalisation of Hindu and Christian girls, and more

For all practical purposes, the brainwashed women in Kerala received in pursuit of their altered fanatic religious belief is nothing but a tragic illusion of the Islamic State.

‘ISIS bride’ Nimisha alias Fathima, who converted to Islam to join ISIS with her husband, confirms that the story of The Kerala Story is...

In the upcoming movie movie The Kerala Story, character of Shalini is loosely based on Nimisha who became Fathima and became an ISIS bride

ISIS women force boys as young as 13 to impregnate them to increase Islamic population, gave them Viagra-like substance

Ahmet and Hamid disclosed to the personnel of the recently established Orkesh rehab facility that they had been the victims of sexual exploitation by several ISIS women.

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