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Malaysia: Hindu woman allowed to reunite with kids converted to Islam without her consent, locals say the kids must remain Muslims

The 35-year-old Hindu Chinese woman in Malaysia, was granted custody of her children on February 21 this year.

Malaysia: Muslim woman accused of ‘insulting Islam’ during comedy skit arrested, faces a prison sentence

The woman was charged with insulting Islam by 'acting indecently' while performing at a comedy club in Malaysia.

Malaysia: Muslims offer Namaz with a table fan, which they consider their life partner; Maulanas approach Sharia court

Minister of Religious Affairs of Malaysia said that people should first get proper education about the religion with the help of some cleric.

Malaysia: Muslim woman files plea in court to be deemed non-Muslim, says she eats pork and consumes alcohol

The High Court in Malaysia will decide on June 15 whether the Muslim woman may proceed with her case.

Malaysian writer Uthaya Sankar says he will never write about Islam again his life after he was arrested for allegedly insulting the Prophet

Malaysian writter Uthaya Sankar said that he will keep away from Islam and not write anything about Islam in the future

Malaysia: How a Hindu mother fought for custody of her minor children, who were converted to Islam ‘unilaterally’

The conversion was 'unilateral' as the children were minors and the consent of Loh Siew Hong was not sought.

Malaysia: Female minister of women advises husbands to beat their wives to discipline them, activists demand her resignation

Malaysian deputy minister of women Siti Zailah Mohd Yusoff said husbands should use “physical touch approach” to punish wives

Tamil Nadu: Devotees denied entry to Palani temple on Thaipusam festival, Malaysia and Singapore allow temple entry with Covid protocols

The Arulmigu Dhandayuthapani temple in Tamil Nadu's Dindigul has been shut for devotees.

Malaysia will become a ‘dumping ground’ for Bangladeshis if the number of recruitment agencies increased, says Malaysian HR minister

The Bangladeshi government had requested to increase the number of permitted labour recruitment agencies in Malaysia to 2000 from 10.

Malaysia: Court of Appeal quashes conversion of minors to Islam by mother without father’s consent, cites landmark Indira Gandhi verdict

Malaysia court cited Federal court judgment in M Indira Gandhi case saying consent of both parents must for religious conversion of children

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