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Suicidal pilot Zaharie Ahmad deliberately buried missing Malaysian flight MH370 with 239 passengers in a sea trench committing mass murder-suicide: Expert

Hardy told The Sun that he believes the plane’s pilot, Captain Zaharie, had planned to kill everyone onboard — and took sick pleasure in executing his suicidal plan.

The Malaysian MH370 flight with 239 passengers that went missing in March 2014 could be buried beneath the seafloor after its ‘suicidal’ pilot Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah deliberately submerged it into the ocean, committing mass murder-suicide. British Boeing expert Simon Hardy, who was part of the official search for the Boeing 777, made the explosive observation. 

Notably, the flight disappeared over the South China Sea on 8th March 2014 and was never found. A year later, in 2015, Simon Hardy was asked to join the Australian Transport Safety Bureau to trace the missing plane. The flight disappeared 39 minutes after it left Kuala Lumpur for Beijing with 239 passengers and crew members on board.

“I am an expert in the MH370 search – I know how a ‘suicidal’ pilot perfectly entombed plane and passengers beneath the ocean,” Hardy was quoted as saying by The Sun newspaper. 

In an exclusive interview with The Sun on the tenth anniversary of the flight’s disappearance, Simon Hardy noted that he believes that the plane was downed in a never-before-searched spot where it would be lost forever. 

Hardy told The Sun that he believes the plane’s pilot, Captain Zaharie, had planned to kill everyone onboard — and took sick pleasure in executing his suicidal plan. The premier US agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) also came to a similar conclusion in its initial investigation.

Regarding the pilot, Hardy said, “As a meticulous planner, would that add another level of satisfaction? It makes a nice destination rather than randomly ditching it in the sea, miles from anywhere.”

According to Hardy, Zaharie may have taken sick pleasure in carrying out his plan – and it may have been enjoyable attempting to make a passenger plane disappear forever.

As per the report, British Boeing expert Hardy used the best flight simulators in the world to pinpoint the jet’s location. He determined that Zaharie (53) aimed to bury the plane in the Geelvinck Fracture Zone. The trench is spread across hundreds of miles under the southern Indian Ocean, making it easier to ‘disappear’ the plane. 

However, before Hardy could prove his theory, the search operation for the missing MH370 flight was called off in 2017. Yet, he is convinced that the plane ended up in the earthquake-prone area. 

Hardy said, “If you did manage to get [the plane] in there, you might find you get it buried after a few years by rocks, so it might even be at the bottom of the sea, covered.”

‘Troubled and Lonely’ Captain Zaharie Ahmad was ‘self-destructive’: Psychologists and fellow pilots

According to reports, psychologists had claimed that Captain Zaharie Ahmad was “self-destructive” after his creepy Facebook messages to young Instagram model twins surfaced. Fellow pilots also said that Zaharie was “troubled and lonely” as his marriage had crumbled. 

Speaking with The Atlantic, an unnamed fellow pilot said, “Zaharie’s marriage was bad. In the past, he slept with some of the flight attendants.” 

(The pilot of missing Malaysian flight MH370, Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, Image Source – The Sun)

They also said that the pilot became ‘obsessed’ with following models on Facebook and sent sexual comments, and messages begging them to come to Kuala Lumpur.

(Excerpt from The Sun Article)
(MH370’s flight plan shows that an extra 3,000kg was mysteriously added to the flight before it vanished, Credit – The Sun/Supplied)

Apart from the pilot’s ‘self-destructive’ claim, British expert Hardy based his theory on other clues. As per reports, it was revealed that the pilot had requested additional fuel and extra oxygen only for the cockpit, and not for the cabin before the flight took off. According to reports, the most likely theory is that Zaharie either killed or incapacitated his co-pilot before depressurising the cabin to slowly kill everyone on board.

Further, Hardy’s theory also gains support because of the lack of debris and strange satellite signs, or “handshakes” between the satellite and the flight’s satellite communication system.   

Hardy said that the extra fuel and oxygen would have allowed Zaharie to fly the plane without detection for an additional seven hours into the middle of nowhere, with the passengers and crew falling unconscious before he ditched the jet. 

He added, “Imagine Miracle on the Hudson but everyone is already dead. Nobody gets out and it sinks to the bottom of the Southern Indian Ocean. Where does all the wreckage go? Well, there isn’t any, that’s why we’ve been deprived of wreckage.”

(Only a few parts of the missing Malaysian flight MH370 have been found, Image Source – The Sun)

According to reports, Only a few parts of the missing plane were found, including a piece of wing called a flaperon. It washed up on the island of Reunion, around 425 miles west of Madagascar. French experts determined it had been pointing downward.

Hardy further noted, “If the flaps were down … then someone is moving a lever and it’s someone who knows what they are doing. It all points to the same scenario.”

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