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Numbers of Muslims-Christians increasing 2 times faster than Hindus-Sikhs, population declined in hill districts: Uttarakhand UCC panel report

Muslims and Christians saw average annual population growth rates of about 3.9%, Sikhs 1.15%, and Hindus 1.60%.

Jaipur, Rajasthan: Local Hindus cite harassment, pressure from Muslims to vacate the area, posters urging Hindus not to sell their homes to non-Hindus put...

It has been said by the local Hindus that the local Muslims are continuously harassing them through various tactics and even pressuring them to sell their houses to Muslims. Frustrated due to the perpetual harassment several Hindu families are reportedly migrating from the area.

‘Dadan Khati’: Know about Odisha’s missing voters, empty villages, a question PM Modi has been raising on 24-years of BJD rule under Naveen Patnaik

Distressed migration which has been a pervasive issue across most districts of the state is more pronounced in the Western belt in districts like Balangir, Nuapada and Kalahandi among others.

25 Hindu families from Bangladesh seeking refuge in West Bengal after poll violence: Report

Around 25 families, totalling 100 individuals, have reportedly crossed over from Bangladesh into West Bengal owing to poll violence there.

From a hill tribe in India to a lost tribe in Israel: Did you know Kukis from Manipur had demanded a right to return...

It is believed that the tribals converted without much effort due to the similarities they found in the biblical stories told to them by the missionaries.

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