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Munnan Khan

‘Rename Munnan Khan Chowk after some legendary leader or revolutionary’: OpIndia effect- even Congress leader wants the Chowk’s name to be changed

The residents of Gonda in Uttar Pradesh along with various members of Hindu organisations, and even leaders of the Congress party are now demanding that the 'Munnan Khan Chowk' be renamed

Munnan Khan’s son Qasim Khan was involved in anti-CAA violence, given life imprisonment for abducting SDM, faces many cases under Gangster Act

Qasim Khan is feared like his father Munnan Khan. He was engaged in several unlawful activities along with the latter.

Munnan Khan, accused of killing karsevaks using hencemen dressed in police uniforms, has streets, villages, and a competition named after him in Gonda

Our investigation has revealed that not only streets, villages, and a competition are named after Munnan Khan but also his name is mentioned in government records. 

Attempt to kill SDM after his abduction, atrocities against Hindus: Munnan Khan, the killer of kar sevaks, whom The Wire projected as a Messiah

Munnan Khan, who had close ties with the world of crime, primarily operated a brick kiln. A survivor of 1990 firing revealed that Khan had tried to kill the SDM after abducting him.

‘Not the police, Munnan Khan’s goons in uniform fired bullets at me’: Mahant who escaped death during Kar Sevak massacre in Ayodhya in 1990

Several Kar Sevaks and their families have accused then-MLA Munnan Khan of being involved in killing Kar Sevaks during massacre in 1990 in Ayodhya.

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