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‘Being in the army is worse than being on OnlyFans’: Ex-pornstar Mia Khalifa reshares her old remark, leaves Netizens fuming

Former pornstar Mia Khalifa has come under fire on social media after she reposted her year-old comment in which she stated that 'being in the army is worse than being on OnlyFans'

Zero tolerance for hate speech: Playboy fires ex-porn star Mia Khalifa for supporting Hamas terrorists, deletes her channel from app

"Today, we are calling you out on your hate-mongering and severing all ties with you," Playboy said in its termination letter to Mia Khalifa.

French minister Marlene Schiappa comes under fire for appearing on the cover page of Playboy

Marlene Schiappa, a French minister, has sparked outrage after appearing on the cover of the adult magazine Playboy

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