Tuesday, June 15, 2021


President of USA

‘His Excellency, Recep Erdogan, Don’t be a fool!’ Donald Trump warns Turkey of consequences for persecution of Kurds

In a bizarre approach to diplomacy, US President Donald Trump wrote a threatening letter that he could destroy Turkey's economy if the situation in Syria is not contained and resolved in a humane way.

US Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders suffered a heart attack earlier this week, is now ‘feeling great’ after being discharged from hospital

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is running for the President 2020 of the United States as a Democratic candidate

Trump to spend 100 minutes at the Howdy Modi event according to White House schedule, may deliver 30-minute speech

President Donald Trump is expected to deliver a major 30-minute speech on India and Indian Americans at the much-awaited "Howdy, Modi!" event in the Houston, Texas on Sunday.

USA issues travel advisory to its citizens asking them to ‘reconsider’ travelling to Pakistan due to terrorism

The US-Pakistan relationship right now is at a low point and it is unlikely to improve soon

Seriously considering for US President race in 2020: Democrat lawmaker Tulsi Gabbard

To contest in the presidential election, Tulsi Gabbard will have to win the primaries of the party first

Pakistan does not deserve even a dollar from the US until it stops harbouring terrorists: Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley stated that President Trump does not want to continue aid to countries, who don't serve the USA's interests.

They don’t do a damn thing for us: Trump on Pakistan

Trump said everyone in Pakistan knew that Osama was there.

Tulsi Gabbard can become the first Hindu to run for US President in 2020

Tulsi Gabbard is a member of United States House of Representatives from Democratic Party

USA stands by its statement, says Imran Khan told to take ‘decisive action’ against terrorists

The U.S under the new administration has time and time again raised the issue of growing terrorist activities in Pakistan

In a big boost to Indo-US relationships, US designates India as a STA-1 country

The Narendra Modi led foreign policy has yielded substantial results in terms of India's strategic calculations

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