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Meet Shokat Ali, the abusive troll who tried to mock Rohit Sardana: Hinduphobic jokes, creepy obsession with a female journo, and a series of problematic posts

Shokat Ali has a creepy obsession with Anjana Om Kashyap, he has been abusive towards Rohit Sardana for a long time and has spread dangerous conspiracy theories against vaccines.

There was a huge controversy recently after journalist Rohit Sardana responded to a troll during a live QandA session. The troll, one Shokat Ali, asked Sardana, “If you think people participating in farmer protests are Khalistanis, then why does not ‘your leader’ Modi put everyone in jail?” The journalist was caustic while responding but he was, clearly, well within his rights.

Rohit Sardana said, “See! Modi is also your leader. If you believe otherwise, then, you are free to leave.” However, the suggestion, that clearly did not have religious undertones, was interpreted as such by liberals on social media who went on an outrage against the journalist. Propagandists such as the ones that can be found at AltNews even demanded action against him from the Chairman of the India Today Group and his colleagues as well.

The outrage over a caustic response to a troll seemed quite disproportionate and appeared even more so when we discovered the troll Shokat Ali who had posed Rohit Sardana the question. Shokat Ali appears quite unperturbed by the massive outrage he generated and was being his usual troll self. However, on going through his profile, we discovered a series of posts that were quite problematic and pointed towards underlying issues that could be simmering underneath his social media persona.

The post makes it clear that this is the same troll Shokat Ali who had posed Rohit Sardana the question

Not the first interaction with Rohit Sardana

We cannot be sure whether Rohit Sardana was aware or not but this was not the first time he was responding to Shokat Ali. In fact, he had responded to a particularly vile abusive tweet from the same troll in October 2018.

Rohit Sardana responds to the troll in October 2018

Since then, Shokat Ali has made several derogatory tweets against Rohit Sardana on the social media platform. In his derogatory tweets, he has also used the Hinduphobic ‘gaumutra’ slur, the same that was used by the Pulwama terrorist.

The troll uses the ‘gaumutra’ slur whole responding to Rohit Sardana

There have been other occasions as well when he has used abusive language towards Rohit Sardana.

Shokat Alit abuses Rohit Sardana

Shokat Ali has an unhealthy obsession with Anjana Om Kashyap

Shokat Ali has an unhealthy obsession with Anjana Om Kashyap, Sardana’s colleague. He has uploaded edited photographs of himself with the journalist that is extremely creepy. In the comments section, his friends on Facebook can be seen making disgusting comments.

The troll’s creepy obsession with Anjana Om Kashyap

He has posted other edited images as well with the Aaj Tak news anchor.

The original photo had Sana Khan with her husband

The troll has tweeted often at Kashyap as well where he has used extremely derogatory language.

The abusive troll uses extremely derogatory language for Anjana Om Kashyap

In another tweet, he has referred to Kashyap as BJP’s ‘daughter-in-law’. In the same tweet, he was defending Delhi riots accused former AAP Councilor Tahir Hussain.

The troll calls Kashyap BJP’s ‘daughter-in-law’

Apart from Rohit Sardana, Anjana Om Kashyap appears to be another of his preferred targets.

Shokat Ali’s obsession with Anjana Om Kashyap is clearly creepy

Shokat Ali really really hates the BJP

Following the death of LJP patriarch ahead of the Bihar elections, the troll said that his death should be investigated as it occurred after the LJP split with the NDA. He was peddling the disgusting conspiracy theory when absolutely no one has questioned the circumstances of Ram Vilas Paswan’s death. Again, he was quoting a tweet by Anjana Om Kashyap.

Shokat Ali spreads bizarre conspiracy theory

The troll was also seen mocking the death of a BJP MLA Debendra Nath Roy in West Bengal. His death was dubbed a ‘suicide’ but suspicions remain and it is believed by many that it was a case of murder.

Troll Shokat Ali mocks the death of a BJP MLA

The troll was also cheering the fact that Union Home Minister Amit Shah had tested positive for the Wuhan Coronavirus. Amit Shah has recovered since then and his health has returned to normalcy.

Shokal Ali was happy when Amit Shah tested positive for Wuhan Coronavirus

Shokat Ali has also abused Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan.

Shokat Ali abuses Shivraj Singh Chauhan

He has called BJP leaders pigs.

The troll makes derogatory posts for individuals who are perceived to be critical of the opposition parties as well. He has made extremely derogatory posts against Kangana Ranaut where his friends on Facebook make disgusting comments.

Shokat Ali makes derogatory posts about Kangana Ranaut

Arnab Goswami, who has been extremely vocal in his criticism of the Congress party and Shiv Sena, was mocked as well.

Shokat Ali mocks Arnab Goswami

He also shared the Kunal Kamra’s photoshopped image of the Supreme Court. The comedian has landed himself in trouble with such posts and a contempt of court suit has been filed against him.

Shokat Ali appreciates Kunal Kamra’s work

The abusive troll is also an anti-vaxxer

The abusive troll also appears to believe that vaccination causes sterilization, a widespread belief among the Muslim community that has proved to be a serious obstacle to immunization efforts against diseases.

Shokat Ali is an anti-vaxxer

There are also memes circulating on the internet which mocks his anti-vaxxer opinions. Anti-vaxxers are those who are against vaccination and believe vaccination has severe side-effects including but not limited to sterilization.

Memes mocking Shokat Ali’s anti-vaxxer opinions

Shokat Ali in a post claimed that Indian soldiers rape Kashmiri women

In another post of his, which he appeared to copy from a propaganda article on some website, the troll claimed that Indian soldiers rape Kashmiri women, a claim that is perpetuated by Kashmiri separatists to further its narrative that the Indian State is committing human rights violations in the region.

Shokat Ali lies about Indian soldiers

Shokat Ali is clearly an abusive troll

Thus, quite clearly, Shokat Ali is an abusive troll who has some extremely problematic opinions. He has a creepy obsession with Anjana Om Kashyap, he has been abusive towards Rohit Sardana for a long time and has spread dangerous conspiracy theories against vaccines.

Furthermore, he used Hinduphobic slurs and spread lies about the Indian Army. That liberals made caustic remarks against him the hill to die on reveals the sheer bias that operates within these circles.


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