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Rubika Liyaquat

Muslim Twitter users abuse journalist Rubika Liyaquat for celebrating Dhanteras, call her ‘begairat insan’

Many Muslim celebrities are on the receiving end of the abuse by hand of Islamists who get angry at them for celebrating Hindu festivals which, according to Islam, is a sin.

‘Vile woman, committing shirk’: ABP journalist attracts the wrath of Islamists for visiting the Mahakaleshwar Temple in Ujjain

Islamists attacked ABP journalist Rubika Liyaquat after she shared pictures from her visit to the Mahakaleshwar Temple.

Journalist Rubika Liyaquat gets attacked by Islamists for wearing saree, bindi, bring in ‘hijab is a choice’ rhetoric

Rubika Liyaquat had batted for uniformity in schools and did not endorse wearing of religious attire instead of uniform. This had irked the Islamists, who then accused her of being anti-Islam.

Rubika Liyaquat, Taslima Nasreen and more: Muslim women who have been vigorously opposing the regressive practice of burqa

While the left-liberals are passionately defending hijab, some prominent Muslim women have been vigorously opposing the regressive practice

ABP anchor Rubika Liyaquat slams farmer leader for sexist jibe on live TV, Congress troll mocks her

"Good to see that you have left or else I would have kicked you out," Rubika Liyaquat stated during the debate.

Islamist harassment of journalists and entertainers: What the abuse and targeted attacks tell us about online leftist culture

It has extremely normal for entertainers, sportsmen and journalists to be viciously trolled and abused by Islamists.

Islamists attack journalist Rubika Liyaquat for following a simple Hindu tradition of paying respect to place of work

Rubika Liyaquat had shared a video in which she was seen bowing in deference and touching the floor before entering her news studio

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