Sunday, July 21, 2024



SpaceX boss Elon Musk to launch StarLink satellite internet service in Indonesia along with President Widodo

The satellite-powered Internet provider would help Indonesia broaden Internet access to regions uncovered by local Internet providers on account of geographical factors, he said.

Starlink among nine companies to provide free internet service in Mexico, secures $90 million contract

Starlink secured a contract a 1.56 billion peso ($89.80 million) contract to offer free internet in Mexico until the end of 2026.

Elon Musk to provide Starlink internet in Gaza, Israel warns Hamas will use it for terrorist activities

Elon Musk said in an X post, "Starlink will support connectivity to internationally recognised aid organizations in Gaza."

Did Elon Musk prevent a nuclear war? Claims CNN report on new Musk biography, read what SpaceX chief himself says about Starlink in Russia-Ukraine...

Elon Musk said that Ukrainian request to activate Starlink internet upto Sevastopol was rejected as it would have madee SpaceX a complicit in major act of war

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