Tuesday, October 19, 2021



In a major boost to India’s NSG membership claim, it becomes part of 3rd export control group

With this India becomes part of three export control groups

Find out how people are making money through these: Bitcoin, Mining, ICO, Blockchain

The digital terms which are taking the world by storm

NDTV blames spammers for ‘call girl ads’ on their website, admits tech oversight

Chief Technology Officer of the NDTV admitted that pages shouldn’t have been indexed

How technology from Israel is helping Indian farmers

The partnership is bearing fruits for Indian farmers

Beyond outrage – What’s the Tribune Aadhaar hack and consequent FIR is all about

The details and merits of the case are being missed due to outrage over 'attack on press'

China backs ‘virtual youth icons’ as real youth icons take drugs and do sex scandals

A holographic figure has been recruited by the youth wing of the Communist party as their ‘youth ambassador’.

Know Your Railways – High Speed Rail and why India needs it to progress

Also find out how does the whole High Speed Rail setup work

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