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Telangana CM

For Revanth Reddy, Sonia Gandhi is ‘Mother of Telangana’, but he has ‘better DNA’ because KCR’s Kurmi caste ancestors came from Bihar

Earlier, Reddy thanked the national Congress leaders for supporting him throughout the campaign in the state and called Congress' Sonia Gandhi as 'Mother of Telangana'.

Vastu compliant secretariat building, national ambitions and more: How KCR lost touch with Telangana

BJP and Congress took jibes at KCR saying that his frequent visits to his farmhouse were his way of telling voters that he is "inaccessible".

From KCR’s offer to join NDA to Tribal Uni, a promise made by UPA: Two Telangana visits, explosive revelations by PM Modi will change...

Even by Prime Minister Modi’s hectic travel standards, it is unlikely that he will visit the same state in a span of 3 days. So, when his itinerary was announced for his visits to Telangana on October 1st and 3rd, it certainly created excitement

Telangana: BRS MLA and ex-Deputy CM Thatikonda Rajaiah rolls on the floor, cries near Ambedkar Statue after being denied a party ticket

Former Deputy CM of Telangana, Thatikonda Rajaiah got emotional and broke down in front of his supporters after he was denied a ticket

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