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USA trip

How Congress seems to have allied with Islamists and rabid Leftists to sabotage State Visit by an Indian Prime Minister to a friendly nation

PM Modi became the only Indian Prime Minister to address the joint session of the USA Congress twice but Rahul Gandhi tried to sabotage it

China and cross-border terrorism to women empowerment, economy, India and the world: FULL TRANSCRIPT of PM Modi address to Joint US Congress

PM Modi addressed the joint US Congress in an hour long speech: Here is the full transcript of the speech

As the USA wants to jail former President Donald Trump for 400 years, Bernie Sanders pontificates to India: Here is how he is wrong,...

Bernie Sanders targets PM Modi over imaginary issues, repeats the baseless claims of 'minorities under attack' and political vendetta.

US President Joe Biden hosts PM Narendra Modi for a private dinner a day before the high-profile state dinner, Ajit Doval present too

United States President Joe Biden on Wednesday (local time) hosted Prime Minister Narendra Modi for an intimate dinner at the White House, a day before the high-profile state dinner. 

‘I am a fan of Modi’, ‘India has more promise than any large country’ and more: Watch what Twitter and Tesla boss Elon Musk...

Tesla CEO and Twitter owner Elon Musk on Tuesday met Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is on a four-day State visit to the US

Modi in USA: Tampa City Council member praises the Prime Minister before his visit, says India has achieved remarkable milestones under him. Details

Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi's leadership, India achieved remarkable milestones showcasing its immense potential in various fields, Guido Maniscalco, a Tampa City Council member said

‘Regime change operation?’: Rahul Gandhi paid a secret visit to the White House, a report claims. Here is what the speculations are

There was a detail about Rahul Gandhi USA tour that almost got missed - That he paid a secret visit to the White House.

Rahul Gandhi in the USA talks about Gandhi vs Godse ideology as he chants ‘Jai Bhim’: Here is how he interpreted history all wrong

Rahul Gandhi claimed that India is in an ideological fight between Mahatma Gandhi (Congress) and Nathuram Godse (representing BJP and RSS' thoughts and ideology).

All Prominent freedom fighters were NRIs: Rahul Gandhi in USA names Subhash Chandra Bose, Nehru, Gandhi, Patel, Ambedkar in bizarre statement

Rahul Gandhi in USA has made a bizarre comment where he said architects of modern India were all NRIs

From 5 Bidens in India to PM Modi’s 5 Ts, QUAD, COVID and more: Here are 4 points discussed when PM Modi and President...

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Joe Biden spoke for about 20 minutes and attended over an hour-long meet in Washington.

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