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Bareilly dargah issues fatwa urging Indian Muslims not to support Jinnah

The senior mufti of the Dargah-e-Ala Hazrat in Bareilly has issued a fatwa, or an Islamic edict urging Indian Muslims not to support Jinnah, in fact, remove all pictures and portraits of Jinnah.

The senior body of the Bareilly dargah sets precedent over the row of Jinnah’s portrait, saying that it’s erroneous to stand in support of Jinnah as ‘Jinnah was the architect of India’s division.’ It further said that Jinnah deserves no glorification, as he was instrumental in the division of ‘Akhand Bharat’ and the misery the people had to face that time, even the Muslims for that matter, cannot be forgotten or forgiven. Jinnah believed in the two-nation theory and Indian’s rejected his divisive ideology.

Recently, the Muslim Mahasangh chief too had condemned Jinnah’s poster in the AMU, announcing a reward for tearing any such posters. He said that Pakistan has not put up any photos of Mahatma Gandhi who played the most significant role in the freedom struggle of the country, so there was no valid reason for us to put up photos of Jinnah.

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The controversy had erupted when reports emerged that a portrait of Jinnah had been displayed on the walls of the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) student union office. Aligarh MP and BJP leader Satish Gautam last Monday wrote to Vice Chancellor Tariq Mansoor objecting to Pakistan founder’s picture on the walls of the AMUSU office. Defending the portrait, apparently hanging there for decades, AMU spokesman Shafey Kidwai had, a day later, said that Jinnah was a founder member of the University Court and granted life membership of the student union.

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