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The ‘liberal’ world is so crazy right now, Yogendra Yadav is the most tolerable and rational person

The great Indian 'liberal' meltdown

The exit poll results show a high probability of Narendra Modi swearing-in as the prime minister for the second time and ‘liberal’ world is in a tizzy and the final results are not even out yet. Psephologist-cum-politician, who usually gets it wrong, Yogendra Yadav has declared that if Congress cannot defeat the BJP it has lost its relevance in the history of India and hence it should die.

While that statement has got the ‘liberal’ crowd up in arms against Yadav, a few reactions from the self-appointed saviours of democracy and secular fabric of India make Yadav appear the sanest amongst the crowd.

Twitter “Economist”, who likes to go after the livelihood of people she doesn’t agree with, Rupa Subramanya, floated a theory that the exit polls are rigged.

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Let it sink in for a moment that she accused the exit polls, which are based on a sample survey, and more often than not pretty inaccurate, of being rigged because they showed the BJP winning.

Yet another ‘liberal’ and Congress sympathiser said that those who believe in these exit polls which predict a BJP victory are cow urine drinkers.

He has even cast aspersions on the Election Commissioner and alleged that Modi and Amit Shah have done some ‘setting’ with the election commission so that the EVMs can be manipulated and the result day can reflect the exit polls. Even The Game of Thrones finale was not as badly written as this desperate tweet.

Have bookmarked the tweet to revisit his timeline on 23rd if Modi actually does win to see what he is drinking to drown his sorrow in.

Congress-supporting troll who spread the conspiracy theory that Pulwama terror attack was an insider job, took this opportunity to tell Congress President that RSS should be destroyed.

And then, editorials are already being planned to show how Rahul Gandhi is still the best and all institutions in India are compromised.

Did we tell you about this guest on Ravish Kumar’s NDTV who did not know that exit polls are carried out by a polling agency and not really a news channel which commissions them? And did you see Ravish Kumar nodding at her without correcting her?

Being intelligent is not a prerequisite of being identified in the ‘liberal’ circle as an ‘intellectual’.

Meanwhile, we are waiting for May 23 to see what great chemicals come out when such specimens open their mouths.

Speaking of specimens, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has not tweeted anything on exit polls yet. He has only retweeted his West Bengal counterpart’s tweet where she referred to exit polls as a ‘gossip‘. As the day progresses, we are hoping more such gems emerge making Yogendra Yadav, who wants Congress to die, come across as the most rational ‘liberal’ around.

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