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No, The Dalai Lama is not a ‘Racist’ or ‘Islamophobe’ for defying the Multicultural Doctrine

It's pretty obvious that no European government in the near future would follow the advice of the Dalai Lama. It appears pretty obvious that they are in no position to implement such measures.

In a recent interview with the BBC, the Dalai Lama has reiterated that Europe should belong to Europeans and that the larger strategic objective should be to return the Muslim and African refugees to their own lands after providing them with adequate training so that they can improve affairs in their own countries.

“A limited number is OK, but the whole of Europe eventually become a Muslim country? Impossible. Or an African country? Also impossible,” the 83-year-old Spiritual leader told the BBC in the interview published on Thursday. He stated, ‘European countries should take these refugees and give them education and training, and the aim is – return to their own land with certain skills.’

As expected, the Dalai Lama has been branded ‘racist’, ‘Islamophobic’ and ‘Xenophobic’ by people from expected quarters.

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While the Left is pretending as if the sky has come crashing down, the opinions voiced by the Dalai Lama would have been considered perfectly normal by people throughout the history of the human civilization barring the past 10 or 15 years. He wasn’t saying anything outrageous or out of the ordinary.

The central theme of his opinions around the issue of migration revolves around the inability of Multiculturalism to be a viable alternative. Events of the past decade and a few years before that has demonstrated comprehensively that Multiculturalism just does not work. It leads to chaos, anarchy and a breakdown of law and order in the country.

That Western intellectuals and liberals are labelling the Dalai Lama racist over these comments only shows how far towards the Left western society has moved in a very short period of time. The Refugee Crisis in Europe has only aggravated the fault lines within European society that already existed prior to that. It has led to prominence political leaders who promise to deal with Islam with an iron hand. And as a direct consequence, the threat of terrorism has never been greater.

There’s also the fact that a significant percentage of these migrants have dual loyalties. A lot of them are not grateful to the European countries for taking them in and merely looking to take advantage of the benefits Europeans are offering them. A lot of them also travelled all the way to Europe with the explicit intent of conquering the lands in the name of Allah.

Consequently, crime rates have increased immensely and the administration and law enforcement authorities appear unwilling to enforce appropriate measures because they are too afraid to be called racists. All over the West, little girls are being sexually exploited by people who are predominantly Muslims and authorities have often been involved in a cover-up.

The migration of Muslims in Europe in large numbers has subsequently given rise to numerous vigilante groups, some of which do have Neo-Nazi inclinations. Groups such as Soldiers of Odin and Pegida appear non-racist on the face of it but others such as the Nordic Resistance Movement clearly have fascist inclinations.

More than that, the Christchurch Church attacks in New Zealand was clearly motivated by the Refugee Crisis. The White Terrorist himself was driven over the edge after the death of Ebba Akerlund, a partially deaf girl who was killed in a terror attack, on her way to meet her mother after school. Thus, it’s quite evident that Multiculturalism has triggered a two-way radicalization process.

The influx of people from very regressive cultures with extremely problematic worldviews, some of whom are terrorists or support terrorist organizations, has led to a situation where a significant section of the resident majority community is being radicalized at a furious pace. Some of them are even willing to commit physical acts of violence. Thus, it’s a communal tinderbox in Europe right now and the situation could deteriorate even further in a very short span of time.

In the United States of America as well, the rise of Donald Trump was fueled by entirely anti-illegal immigrant sentiments. Since then, there have been racist attacks committed both ways. Whites and Blacks, people from both sections of the community have been victims of hate crimes.

Therefore, clearly, the multicultural experiment has failed in catastrophic fashion and over the years, it has left the West much less safe than it was, perhaps, a couple of decades back. Dalai Lama is only speaking conventional wisdom here, he is being very compassionate when he says Europe should educate and train these people before sending them back.

If they are not, and it doesn’t seem they will be, Civil Wars in the near future and increased acts of terrorism appears extremely likely. People from different cultures don’t mix very well, it’s one of the fundamental basics of humanity. Individuals from diverse cultures can interact with each other without resorting to violence, however, when large groups of people from extremely different cultures are put in close proximity with the power dynamics thrown into the equation, as is inevitable in Democracies, conflict is destined to occur.

The Leftist solution to the problem of their own making is, of course, calling everyone who disagrees a ‘racist’ and a ‘Xenophobe’. According to them, the only reason why refugees cannot live in peace is their new homes is because there are racists within the majority community. Their analysis of circumstances are always uni-dimensional, therefore, they are unable to appreciate the complexities of human nature.

There are other important reasons why Europe has been forced to take in migrants. The falling birth-rates combined with the monstrous welfare states certainly contributed to the governments’ decision to import migrants from areas of high fertility. The crisis that Europe currently finds itself in is an inevitable consequence of the corrosion of religiosity caused by the invasion of the sacred by the culture of the Left.

It’s pretty obvious that no European government in the near future would follow the advice of the Dalai Lama. It appears pretty obvious that they are in no position to implement such measures. Europe is currently on a highway to hell and there doesn’t appear to be any way for them to opt out of the ride at this late hour.

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