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A dangerous turn: ‘Scholars’ and ‘celebrities’ cross the boundaries of mere hypocrisy and ally with a convicted naxalite

Can we call people who ally themselves with convicted Naxalites 'Urban Naxals' or is that slander as well?

A rag-tag bunch of ‘intellectuals’ and ‘celebrities’ have written to the Prime Minister on Tuesday claiming that atrocities against Muslims and Dalits have increased under the NDA regime and have deemed Jai Shri Ram a ‘provocative war-cry’. Amusingly enough, the letter which begins by referring to the signatories as “peace-loving and proud Indians” had an actual convicted Naxalite signing it.

It’s also not surprising then that the letter claimed people should not be branded ‘anti-nation’ or ‘Urban Naxal’ for voicing their dissent. Of course, the message acquires special significance when it has as its signatory a convicted Naxalite.

Numerous celebrities have signed the said letter. Anjan Dutt, Anupam Roy and Rupam Islam are superstars in the Bengali music industry. One wonders how they feel about the fact they collaborated with a convicted Naxalite on this particular matter. One wonders how their fans feel about. As a fan of their music, I am pretty disgusted. Anurag Kashyap, infamous for maintaining his silence over the sexual harassment of a woman by another celebrity, too signed this letter that reeks of self-righteous indignation.

The letter was also signed by numerous scholars and professional activists as well. Alleged Historian Ramchandra Guha, a devotee of Jawaharlal Nehru, appears on the list of signatories. Partha Chatterjee and Ashis Nandy feature in the list of signatories as well.

While people from the entertainment industry can be excused for not being familiar with the nitty-gritty of statistics and databases, how could scholars rely on a database as faulty as to form their conclusions? What excuse do they have for relying on such shoddy propaganda to further their narrative? These are scholars. We need to ask, what on earth are they teaching their students?

Celebrities are stupid, they generally are. And they can be convinced to do the bidding of activists as long as it makes them feel good about themselves. But the fact that scholars not only relied on dubious propaganda to further their narrative, they had no qualms in allying themselves with a convicted Naxalite to take a dig at Hindus either.

At, we have documented in detail about the barrage of actual hate crimes that have been committed against Hindus. We have documented how fake hate crimes have been invented to suppress the fact that Hindus have been suffering a worrying number of hate crimes themselves. The desecration of Temples has become the norm. It took the desecration of the Durga Mandir at Old Delhi to awaken the people of this country to that fact.

The celebrities and the scholars who have signed the letter make no mention about the rising hate crimes against Hindus at all. They are completely oblivious to it. Many of the signatories are from Bengal. People are getting killed in the state for chanting Jai Shri Ram, none of these celebrities has written to Mamata Banerjee expressing their concern.

West Bengal very recently was in chaos after a Muslim mob descended at the NRS Medical College and Hospital and attacked the doctors and interns present. In that case, the Police refused to act because the perpetrators belonged to a community that is the ruling disposition’s vote-bank. And yet, none of these celebrities then had nothing to say.

While they demonize Jai Shri Ram, Indian society is being held hostage by toxic elements of the Muslim community. These elements receive direct patronage from politicians such as Mamata Banerjee and others from the secular camp while the opposing faction throws freebies at them in the hope that they will mend their ways. Why are scholars and celebrities not worried about that?

We have Akbaruddin Owaisi, an elected representative of the Telangana Legislative Assembly, who once infamously demanded that the Police be withdrawn across the country for 15 minutes so that Muslims could show Hindus who the boss is. On Tuesday, he resorted to hate speech again and claimed that RSS is still scared over the 15-minute speech he had made. Such incitement to violence doesn’t concern our bleeding-heart intellectuals.

Tik Tok has become a tool to incite violence for toxic Muslim celebrities such as Ajaz Khan. He mocked the Police for not arresting him which appears to have hurt the self-respect of the Police enough to have him arrested. But he was released on bail and back on social media spouting his usual nonsense. Why is it that none of these celebrities from the entertainment industry are speaking about the likes of Ajaz Khan?

It’s not merely hypocrisy anymore, all of us know they are filthy hypocrites. They have crossed the line of mere hypocrisy to enter a territory where they are now allying with convicted Naxalites in their attempt to undermine Narendra Modi’s leadership.

The rhetoric they are peddling is extremely dangerous as well. It’s merely sophisticated propaganda designed to generate a victimhood frenzy among the Muslim community. We know what happens when such propaganda gains momentum. The riots across Indian cities in response to the alleged lynching of Tabrez Ansari is a testament to that effect. Thus, in essence, the scholars and celebrities are allying with a convicted Naxalite to further propaganda that could actually result in widespread violence across the country.

Furthermore, they have dubiously clubbed Muslims and Dalits together. In reality, it can be argued that the alleged increase in crimes against Dalits is due to the toxic elements from the Muslim community. We have documented a series of hate crimes that have been committed against Dalits by Muslim driven by religious motives. But the scholars and celebrities appear not to care and instead blame ‘Jai Shri Ram’.

The entire exercise appears to be straight out of the ‘Urban Naxal’ playbook. It appears to be an attempt to further sow the seeds of discord within the country at a time when hate crimes against Hindus are on the rise and communal harmony is being threatened by toxic entities. The fact that an actual convicted Naxalite is one of the signatories to that letter certainly points towards that. One wonders at this point, can we call people who ally themselves with convicted Naxalites ‘Urban Naxals’ or is that slander as well?

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