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NPR’s silence over their producer’s bigotry shows that Radical Islam is the dominant partner in the Left-Radical Islam alliance

Leftists from a Hindu background often hate their religion while Muslims have joined the Left to further the cause of their own.

Producer at National Public Radio (NPR), Furkhan Khan, sparked an outrage on Twitter on Tuesday after she made deeply Hinduphobic comments on the social media platform. She claimed that Indians will be much better off without Hinduism. Moving away from Hinduism will solve most of our problems such as ‘piss drinking’ and ‘dung worshipping’.

Now deleted tweet by Furhan Khan

In addition to that, she has made a series of deeply offensive posts which have no place in civil company. Despite the noxious bigotry, NPR is yet to issue a statement on the matter. Although people have been clamouring for her to be sacked, it seems unlikely that NPR will practice what they preach. NPR has been indulging in propaganda against India for a while now and unless Khan is sacked for her bigoted tweets, we can safely assume that NPR endorses such Hinduphobia given their track record.

The events that have transpired since yesterday is further evidence of the fact the Western Left is in an unholy alliance with Islam. Although Hindus are in a minority in the West as well, for some reason, they don’t receive even half the support that Radical Islamists do. It’s quite obvious from the manner in which Democratic Presidential Candidate Tulsi Gabbard was treated by supporters of her own party.

While the American Left supports rabid Islamists like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib with great fervour, Tulsi Gabbard has often been attacked due to her Hindu religious faith. While the Western Left maintains a resolute silence over the million crimes of Radical Islam, Hinduism is attacked viciously even for its harmless beliefs. Under such circumstances, it is worth pondering why this is so.

One wise man once said, “In many ways nonsense is a more effective organizing tool than the truth. Anyone can believe in the truth. To believe in nonsense is an unforgeable demonstration of loyalty. It serves as a political uniform. And if you have a uniform, you have an army.”

There is a great element of truth in his words. It is this very principle that applies in the Left’s support for Radical Islam. It is very easy to take a stand against Islamists. However, maintaining a silence over their crimes and deflecting attention elsewhere is a demonstration of loyalty to the Leftist cause. Indeed, it is one of the tests of purity for admission into the ranks of Leftists. The more crimes Jihadists commit, the more must they scream ‘Nothing to do with Islam!’

There are other more fundamental reasons as well. For instance, Western elites have successfully engineered over time the myth of Islamophobia. The term, as expected, was coined by Leftists to paint all Muslims as victims despite the fact that most Muslims are not so. In the world of the Left, Muslims are oppressed victims of the White Supremacist order. Therefore, the Left must ally with them at all costs, even at the cost of their own values.

The reason why Hindus don’t receive the same treatment is simple. For one, Hinduism is not perceived as a threat by the average American. The average American can see that Hindus are not blowing themselves up in the middle of the street or flying airplanes into skyscrapers. As a consequence, the Left doesn’t believe Hindus are in need of their support.

The Left’s lack of support also has a lot to do with the nature of Hindus and Muslims in the Leftist world themselves. While Leftists from a Hindu background generally hate their identity and work hard to shy away from it, Muslims tend to be fundamentalist identitarians. While Leftists from Hindu backgrounds even in the West are more concerned with Brahminism and Narendra Modi’s ‘fascism’, Muslims concern themselves more with normalizing Hijab, which is a tool of oppression, and defending their own faith.

Leftists from a Hindu background often hate their religion while Muslims have joined the Left to further the cause of their own. And that makes all the difference. Muslims have painted a rosy picture of Islam which the Left has bought into hook, line and sinker while those from a Hindu background have demonized it at every step along the way. As a consequence, Leftists have a far better opinion about Islam than they do about Hinduism.

Part of the blame must also go to Leftists in our own country. The Lutyens cabal that has shaped the narrative in our country for decades has also shaped how the Leftist elites in the West perceives Hinduism. Thus, it has to come to pass that the Western Left, too, considers Hinduism as a primitive way of living which is representative of the dark ages.

Muslims, on the other hand, do not tolerate Leftists or Liberals in their midst. Even in the West, when a Liberal criticizes Islam or even an ex-Muslim does so, they are not only ostracised from the community, they are also accused of spreading Islamophobia. They are blamed for the ‘rising tide of hate’ against Islam and minority Muslim community. The Left, due to their predisposition, immediately comes to their aid and helps silence dissenting voices.

Ultimately, the reason why Muslims have been successful in hijacking the Left is because of their single-minded support for their own religion. There are numerous factors involved but these three that have been mentioned can be considered to be the primary ones. It is also a remarkable development that in the alliance between the Left and Radical Islam, it is the latter which is the dominant partner. The former lives to serve the latter’s objectives.

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