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Why ‘liberals’ want Vincent Xavier’s head on a pike: They thought he was Hindu and because he held a Tiranga

2021 is off with a bang. The seat of US Government was stormed by Trump supporters and 'Hindu supremacists' have started carrying names such as Vincent Xavier. Alright, the second part was a joke.

2021 is off with a bang. The seat of US Government was stormed by Trump supporters and ‘Hindu supremacists’ have started carrying names such as Vincent Xavier. Alright, the second part was a joke. But it is true that events that happened at Capitol Hill have, amusingly enough, sparked a controversy in India as well.

At the heart of it is Vincent Xavier. A man was spotted waving the Indian Flag during the storming of Capitol Hill. It irked people but no one really thought anything of it as the person waving it did not appear to be engaging in any violence. The person was noise, the main attraction was clearly what was happening up front.

All of that changed when ’eminent intellectuals’ of the liberal brigade decided that it was a good opportunity to ruin the life of a Hindu man. They likely made some calculations in their head and decided that the odds were overwhelming that the person waving the Indian Flag in USA was a Hindu and a supporter of Prime Minister Modi.

Thus, the liberal brigade went full steam ahead. Islamist-ally of liberals, Rana Ayyub, said that we should not be surprised ‘Hindu supremacists’ showed up with ‘White supremacists’. Zubair of AltNews, too, said ‘Bhakts’ were with Donald Trump. There were dozens and dozens of others who made similar comments.

Unfortunately for them, perhaps due to a glitch in the matrix, the person carrying the Indian Flag was neither a ‘Hindu Supremacist’ nor a supporter of Narendra Modi. He was Vincent Xavier and he is a huge fan of senior Congress leader Shashi Tharoor. Welp. That was not in the plan, was it?

Anyway, liberals have gone so far down the route already that they cannot back away from demanding harsh punishment for Xavier without looking like absolute morons. It was a full toss that the BJP was more than willing to hit for a six. Thus we see Kapil Mishra and Varun Gandhi latch on to it and escalate matters while Shashi Tharoor is flailing to defend himself.

Now, Vincent Xavier is being dragged through the mud in the media and is forced to answer a million questions because some liberal clowns decided they wanted to ruin the life of a Hindu man. It is pertinent to mention here that there is no evidence as of yet that he participated in any illegal activity at the gathering.

Sure, it was utter stupidity to carry an Indian flag to the gathering and he shouldn’t have. But stupidity is not a good enough reason to destroy someone’s life. Those on the non-Left thus far have shown little inclination to ruin his life but it can be safely said that it will be liberals who will attempt to do so in order to prove their liberal credentials.

They will consider it unfortunate that Vincent Xavier is not a Hindu and not a ‘Modi Bhakt’ but they will seek to punish him nonetheless because letting him off will hurt their egos. And that cannot be tolerated. It is a separate matter altogether whether he deserves to have his life ruined.

The media, too, is inviting him for interviews and shaming him for his conduct. In a sane world, no one would have bothered. And his actions would have been ignored as those of an idiot. But liberals have invested far too much emotionally for them to be able to get past this without inflicting some sort of punishment.

Here we learn a great deal about the liberal mentality. According to them, only a ‘Hindu supremacist’ would carry the Indian flag at a gathering of Trump supporters and only a ‘Modi Bhakt’ could be a supporter of Donald Trump. In the bubble they live in, all other possibilities are rejected. In their bubble, the world is black and white. It is with this worldview that they proceeded to proclaim that Vincent Xavier was a ‘Hindu Supremacist’.

It can be safely said that had they known his real identity from the beginning, they wouldn’t have made an effort to drag him through the mud. They made a big deal out of it precisely because they believed he was a Hindu and perceived it as a good opportunity to destroy a Hindu’s life and ruin his reputation.

In all of this, the hatred that liberals harbour towards Hindus becomes abundantly clear. Anytime they see anything negative, their first instinct tells them that a Hindu is responsible for it. Even now, their anger towards Xavier now primarily stems from the fact that he busted their narrative in a stellar fashion. Perhaps this incident will finally teach them that reality is far more complicated than how they perceive it to be from their bubble. But that, again, is extremely unlikely.

It is very likely that Vincent Xavier will be harassed and humiliated by his colleagues in the United States. While we are not aware of his professional details, one would assume that he works in a liberal dominated industry. Before long, he will likely find himself out of the job. Desi liberals were fully aware of all of this. That is why they did it. Unfortunately for them, it’s not a Hindu man who will bear the consequences.

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