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Man carrying Indian flag among Trump supporters was not a ‘Hindu supremacist’ as imagined by liberals: What we know about Vincent Xavier

Ironically, Vincent Xavier seems to have good connections with Congress MP Shashi Tharoor. According to Xavier's Facebook post, he had met Shashi Tharoor in 2015 in Washington DC. Xavier, in his post, has stated that they both had a long conversation during Tharoor's visit to the US.

Thousands of supporters of Donald Trump gathered in front of the Capitol Hill building in Washington DC on Wednesday to express their dissent over the alleged rigged elections in the United States and the controversial victory of Republic candidate Joe Biden. Amidst these protests, an Indian Flag was also spotted in the sea of Trump supporters wh waved US flags to raise questions on the integrity of recently held Presidential Elections.

As the image of a person holding the Indian Tricolour near the protest site at Capitol Hill went viral, the liberals in the country got angered and questioned the act to claim they were shamed to see the tricolour being waved in the distant land.

Ironically, the liberals who have a problem with Indians expressing their nationalism by chanting ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ and standing up for the national anthem, did not like seeing India’s tricolour at the Capitol Hill protest. Unsurprisingly, the ‘liberals’ and its media ecosystem, joined by the Congress party leaders all descended on social media platforms to blame ‘Hindu nationalists’, to whom they refer to as ‘Bhakts’, for unfurling the tricolour at the Capitol Hill.

Several ‘liberals’ took to social media to blame the ‘Hindus’ for ‘shaming’ the country by waving the Indian flag, that according to them was interference in the US internal affairs. Rana Ayyub, the Islamist troll masquerading as a ‘liberal’, went a step ahead to bring in the religion angle to the act.

According to Rana Ayyub, the people who waved Indian flag at Capitol Hill were nothing but ‘Hindu Supremacists’. For the likes of Ayyub, the person who carried the tricolour to the Washington protest was by default a ‘Hindu supremacist’ who has done a shameful act by waving the Indian national flag.

Not just Rana Ayyub, fellow Islamists, the far-left propagandists and the Congress party leaders too peddled the same propaganda to claim that the act of waving of the tricolour was an act committed by the ‘Hindu Supremacists’ or the ‘Bhakts’, a term they use for the supporters of PM Narendra Modi.

Shashi Tharoor, Congress’ English literature expert and so-called ‘intellectual’ was one of the first politicians to fall for the blind the propaganda and claimed that there were some Indians with the same mentality as that ‘Trumpist’ mob, who enjoyed using the flag as a weapon rather than a badge of pride. He added that the person who had waved the flag was a part of the ‘Trumpist’ mob who also denounce everyone who disagrees with them as anti-national. Ironically, Shashi Tharoor ‘denounced’ the person waving the flag as something hateful and called it a ‘warning to us all’.

Even alleged fact-checkers, who are otherwise propagandist for Jihadi elements in the country, took to Twitter to blame the ‘Bhakts’ for hoisting the Indian flag amidst the protests that took place in Washington DC on Wednesday.

Nevertheless, the propaganda and dishonesty of the liberals to blame Hindus for everything has been exposed.

Is the person who waved the tricolour really a ‘Hindu Supremacist’?

A day after liberals declared that the person who hoisted the Indian flag at the Capitol Hill during the protests as ‘Hindu Supremacists’ and a ‘minority hating Bhakt’, the netizens have unearthed the true identity of that protestor who raised the Indian flag at the protest site, to expose the hateful propaganda unleashed by the ‘liberal-seculars’ and their media establishment.

Several social media users have posted a series of tweets and images of a person identified as Vincent Xavier, who is now identified to be the person who waved the Indian flag at the Capitol Hill.

Most importantly, Vincent Xavier has himself posted several images of the Washington protests where he was seen holding the tricolour. According to Xavier, several Vietnamese, Indian, Korean and Iranian origin Americans and people from so many other nations and races, who believe massive voter fraud has happened in the recently held US elections had joined American patriots at the rally in solidarity with Trump.

He tweeted saying, “Peaceful protestors who were exercising our rights!”. He has tagged Congress MP Shashi Tharoor and BJP MP Varun Gandhi in his tweet. It was probably because Tharoor’s caustic tweet against the waving of the Indian Tricolour at the protests was in a reply to Varun Gandhi’s tweet wherein the BJP MP had expressed surprise at seeing an Indian flag in the Capitol Hill protests.

Tweet by Vincent Xavier

Vincent Xavier, according to his Facebook profile, hails from the Kochi, Kerala. He did his graduation in Trissur and move to the United States to settle in Washington DC. Apparently, Xavier did his higher studies from University of Nevada, Reno.

Image Source: Facebook

In the image he has shared on his both Facebook and Twitter profile, one can see flags of many different countries. not just American flags. Alongside Indian flags, the flags of South Korea and Iran can also been that are being held by fellow protestors at the Capitol Hill.

It is not clear how exactly the so-called ‘secular liberals’ concluded that any person who happens to be waving an Indian flag at pro-Trump protests has to be a ‘Hindu supremacist’, because Xavier certainly doesn’t seem to be.

Another social media user has also compiled a series of tweets made by Francis Xavier, where he was seen criticising Modi government over several issues in the past few years.

Ironically, Vincent Xavier seems to have good connections with Congress MP Shashi Tharoor. According to Xavier’s Facebook post, he had met Shashi Tharoor in 2015 in Washington DC. Xavier, in his post, has stated that they both had a long conversation during Tharoor’s visit to the US and also added that they had invited the Congress MP to a convention at Trivandrum.

Here is another post by Xavier expressing happiness over the victory of Congress MP Shashi Tharoor in the 2009 elections.

Tweet by Vincent Xavier

Shashi Tharoor was essentially blaming his own fan and followers for the so-called ‘mob’ mentality they displayed at the Capitol Hill protest. In blindly blaming a Trump supporter who was waving the flag of his home country, self-proclaimed ‘liberals’ like Tharoor and Rana Ayyub have only displayed their own hatred and bias.

It is important to mention here that there is no evidence that Vincent Xavier had in any manner participated in any form of violence at the Capitol Hill and as a resident in the US, he had the right to protest for or against any political candidate he deemed fit.

Speaking to News 18, Vincent has stated that he is a Republican Party member and a Trump supporter. He has asserted that it is usual for voters and supporters to bring flags of their home countries to political rallies and flags from many countries were there.

As social media users brought out many more evidence to prove that the person who waved the tricolour in the US had nothing to do with ‘Hindus’ or ‘Hindu supremacists’, they pointed the dishonesty of liberals like Rana Ayyub to declare someone as ‘Hindu supremacist’ even without verifying facts to further their hatred against the community and defame the whole country in that process.

Image via twitter

It is not the first time that Rana Ayyub or Tharoor have peddled misinformation and falsely blamed their political and ideological opponents without even bothering to verify facts.

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