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US govt officials purchased body parts of aborted babies for ‘science’, reveals emails between FDA officials and human tissue procurement firm

The email records received by the Judicial Watch confirm that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) agreed to pay Advanced Bioscience Resources (ABR) $2,000 for each aborted child

In a shocking revelation, federal employees of the United States government are accused of being involved in trafficking the body parts of aborted babies. This was found in emails uncovered by Judicial Watch’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), which have exposed grim details of how the US government employees worked with buyers to get ‘fresh’ aborted baby organs for medical and scientific experiments.

The email records received by the Judicial Watch confirm that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) agreed to pay $2,000 for each aborted child, totalling $12,000 per average box of harvested organs. The emails also shed light on the links between the US FDA with the Advanced Bioscience Resources (ABR), likely America’s largest fetal tissue trafficking firm.

Morbid details revealed…

The FDA, as the article in The Federalist says, was involved in the trade of organs like livers, brains, and eyeballs of dismembered babies, buying them for several hundred dollars apiece from ABR, which was in cahoots with local Planned Parenthoods.

Another explosive revelation made in the report was in connection with the trafficking of a 21-Week-Old Down Syndrome Baby. The report said that child’s limbs, organs, and skin were sold at hundreds of dollars apiece. ABR earned $2,600 in total from the sale of the aborted baby and his body parts.

The details of the trafficking are grim and frightful. Each body part of a baby is given a particular number and sold individually to different customers. The aborted babies simply become a statistic for the traders, who make money by selling their organs, including the skin.

In one of the email conversations chanced upon by the Judicial Watch, FDA was found demanding ‘fresh’ babies of ABR. The initial quote by the FDA mentioned that tissues must be “fresh, never frozen” and harvested from babies 16-24 weeks old “free of known chromosomal abnormalities.”

Many Americans are inclined to believe that abortions are normally planned when the babies have diminishing chances of living outside the womb. However, emails disclosed that the FDA purchased various body parts from babies up to 24 weeks old, a date at which many pre-term babies survive and go on to live healthy lives.

The receipts of the transactions confirm that the US Food and Drug Administration also paid for securing skulls of second-trimester babies for use in experiments.

While the FDA demanded to be provided with ‘fresh’ tissue, the ABR responded saying that most of the busiest abortion clinics in California produced ‘awful’ specimens that were too disfigured to use.

The FDA even sought organs from baby boys to use in “very important and … challenging” surgeries to create humanized mice. The ABR responded by saying that they would try their very best to secure such tissues but given the “nature of termination procedures,” which mutilate a baby’s body beyond physical recognition, it cannot make any promises.

The cruel dehumanization of the aborted babies became even starker after the emails revealed that they were referred to as “beautiful” and “amazing” by FDA and ABR.

Besides, the email traffic also disclosed that American taxpayers paid for the FDA trips to ‘Humanized Mice Workshops’ in Europe.

American commentator Alex Jones vindicated?

The above findings on the trafficking of body parts of aborted babies vindicate the assertions made by InfoWars host Alex Jones, who had alleged in 2019 that babies were harvested for organ trade. Jones then had an angry meltdown after the Senate had voted in favor of keeping abortions legal.

In a show with Joe Rogan, Jones said, “I came here, and I proved they’re keeping babies alive and taking their organs. The Senate voted Monday to keep it legal…They f***ing did it, Bravo. And you can’t f***ng admit they’re killing already-born kids, so you’re telling me it isn’t real when they had a f***ing vote in the god***n f***ing Senate.”

Joe Biden reversed Trump policy protecting the bodies of aborted babies

It is worth noting that these revelations about the FDA’s involvement in the trafficking of baby body parts come at a time when the Biden administration has reversed Trump admin’s policy of protecting preborn Americans from being reduced to tradeable commodities.

Earlier this month, the National Institutes of Health removed restrictions that the Trump administration imposed on research using fetal tissue, allowing university researchers and government scientists freer rein to use material from elective abortions when studying diseases and possible treatments.

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