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Aam Aadmi Party’s Raghav Chadha defies logic while giving calculations on cryogenic tanks and medical oxygen

One feels that if Aam Aadmi Party leaders focus on resolving the oxygen crisis instead of overusing their tiny brain for absurd calculations, they could perhaps save a few lives.

It is now quite an established fact that Aam Aadmi Party has a complicated relationship with facts and logic. The agents of chaos in charge of Delhi would blame everyone but themselves for any crisis that befalls them. Except, this time, people are dying because of the sheer incompetence and zero coordination efforts from the Arvind Kejriwal government.

The oxygen crisis in Delhi reached such level that the Delhi High Court as well as Supreme Court have been regularly holding hearings to try and get matter sorted. While the oxygen crisis has hit almost every state of India, Delhi in particular seems to worst hit.

Amid all this, Delhi Government’s Raghav Chadha, a Chartered Accountant by education, took to social media to give logic defying calculations with respect to cryogenic tanks.

Filled with background music as if Chadha is giving some sensational input, Aam Aadmi Party put up a video which claimed that there are 1631 cryogenic tanks in India. He said that total production of liquid medical oxygen is 8,500 MT. He then claims that these tankers have actual capacity to carry 23,000 MT oxygen but are used only for ferrying 8,500 MT liquid medical oxygen.

“In our country, there is no scarcity of cryogenic tanks,” he claims. Chadha claims that other state governments have full control over these these tanks. “These cryogenic tanks should be national property and the way central government is distributing oxygen, it should distribute the tanks,” he said in the video. He eventually concluded the video with the demands of cryogenic tanks.

As AAP’s demands went from ‘oxygen’ to ‘cryogenic tanks’, netizens took it upon themselves to give the basic calculations to Chadha.

As this Twitter user pointed out, many of these tankers ply empty to the source of oxygen to be refilled before it can ply again with oxygen to required destination. Moreover, many of these tankers take over 24 hours for one-way journey because of long distances they have to cover. It is not that the tankers can teleport in an instant.

Some even pointed out that if all tankers were to ply at same time with oxygen, with none returning to source for refilling, there will be a huge lag in deliveries.

A Twitter user also explained in simpler terms on how the calculation Chadha provided was devoid of any logic. “If you have 1 LPG cylinder in your house and when gas is over, it goes to the godown for refilling. But does the food continue to cook without gas?” he questioned.

Over past few days, as Delhi choked, the oxygen crisis in the national capital has seem to have spiralled out of control.

Firstly, after Centre allotted oxygen to Delhi, Kejriwal government had failed to arrange for the specialised cryogenic tanks required to transport the same to hospitals.

April 24 – Delhi not collaborating for oxygen

Delhi High Court pulled up Delhi government and told them they could not have everything served to them on platter and asked them to do everything they could.

Soon, Kejriwal took to Twitter to announce that he will write to all Chief Ministers of states to request them for cryogenic tanks.

He put up the message on Twitter on what he would do before he actually does it, because whether he works or not, it must appear that he is working.

Next day, newspapers were filled with Arvind Kejriwal’s ads where he had appealed to individuals if they have spare cryogenic tanks they could give to Delhi government.

Cryogenic tanks ad

These ads appeared in all regional newspapers in regional languages. It must be noted that cryogenic tanks are superspecial tanks and as Raghav Chadha himself mentioned, only 1631 tanks all over India. So clearly, an individual like you and I is very very unlikely to have a cryogenic tank just parked in their backyard as a spare to offer it to Kejriwal.

Perhaps Kejriwal could have written to chief ministers of states, who are likely to have details of such super special vehicles in their states? Considering just 1631 of them are here? But no, Kejriwal would put out an advertisement, giving money to newspapers, to let general public at large know that he does not have tankers and if anyone has, they could give. I’m sure he knows better. But how else will he give advertisements in papers without coming under scanner for giving out advertisements amid COVID crisis?

Had it not been this tragic and had people not been dying because of lack of oxygen, this farce by Kejriwal would have been called out in harshest terms. Here it just appears that ‘at least he is trying’ and basic decency stops one from calling it out.

Further, data has revealed that while Delhi govt continues to demand more oxygen, its demand is four times the actual consumption of Mumbai, which has similar number of active COVID cases.

According to AAP leaders, Delhi has been demanding 700 MT of oxygen per day during the last fortnight of April, and its demand went up to 976 MT per day from 29th April. On that day, Delhi Deputy CM wrote to the union govt demanding 976 MT oxygen per day. Delhi had active case load of 97,977 on that day. On the same day, Mumbai consumed 225 MT oxygen for 61,433 active cases. If we go by Mumbai’s average O₂ for that day, Delhi should need around 360 MT. According to the Delhi govt, they received 400 MT of oxygen on that day, which means they received more oxygen than the consumption by Mumbai.

Amidst all this, one feels that if Aam Aadmi Party leaders focus on resolving the oxygen crisis instead of overusing their tiny brains for absurd calculations, they could perhaps save a few lives.

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