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Jahangirpuri: Hindus expose lies of The Wire, say they would have been killed if Police were not there

Local Hinds of the G block in Jahangirpuri say the allegations made by The Wire about police harassment and migration are false. They say that the Hindu community was saved only because of the police presence and the Muslims have threatened that they will 'see them' after the police are gone.

In the first part of our report, the lies of the left-leaning propaganda portal The Wire about the “scared Muslims” of Jahangirpuri were exposed. The illegal encroachments, piles of junk, and shops without any registration, mostly owned by the Muslims are back on the streets. While The Wire tried to hold Delhi Police responsible for the ‘invisible fear’ in the Muslim population of Jahangirpuri, the reality is completely different. We talked to the Hindu victims of Jahangirpuri to know the current situation.

On June 3, the OpIndia team met the families who had experienced the violence firsthand on Hanuman Jayanti. Many of them are still struggling with recovery, and they still remember the horrors of the attack. The fear that ‘it might happen again’ was clearly visible on their faces. The locals are unclear why the mob vandalized their houses and vehicles on that day.

‘Hindus will always be grateful to the Police’

Speaking to OpIndia, President of C Block RWA Indramani Tiwari said, “Police is catching the criminals and stone pelters. The Hindu population in the area was troubled and harassed by them. Those who have been caught by the Police were running illegal businesses in the streets of G Block. Had the Police not been active on the day of the incident, you would have seen dead bodies lying around here. Though ASI Mendlal had injured himself, he helped Hindus escape the spot. Hundreds of lives would have been in danger in his absence. We demand a promotion for him. The Hindus will always be grateful to the Police here.”

Tabrez misled both Police and the Public

Tiwari further added, “We had no idea that Tabrez (the main accused in the violence) would be a rioter, it is no surprise that the police were caught unaware too. The criminals and rioters are in jail right now, so there is peace in the area. They will indulge in their old habits as soon as they come out. Those who have committed crimes are getting the taste of batons. The crimes in the violence were done by one side. Hindus were targeted under a conspiracy. All the videos where they held pistols and bottles have gone viral. Hindus have been taking out this rally for thirty years. We never committed any violence.”

C Block RWA president Indramani Tripathi while speaking to OpIndia

‘Hindus who accused Police of atrocities are neighbours of rioters’

According to Indramani, “The woman whose statement became the base of the story that Hindus were scared of the Police is actually a neighbour of the rioters. She has given statements supporting the rioters earlier too. Notably, the cases of theft and snatching started as soon as Police left. Police were to stay for another two months. There is fear as Police presence was withdrawn.”

‘They have not migrated anywhere, but have warned us that once the police deployment is withdrawn, they will ‘see us’

Indramani Tiwari continued and said, “There were reports that Muslims have started migrating from here, but those are false. They did not flee but took possession of the road. I feel their number has grown. Only the garbage has been removed in the name of the anti-encroachment drive. The slums where crimes take place are still standing. Muslims did not run away, but they are threatening us that once Police go away, they would ‘see us. An FIR against the relatives of rioters has been filed in this matter. We are demanding from the government that the park that was meant for the kids and the road for us to walk should be cleared.”

‘Women stopped wearing gold chains out of fear’

Tiwari added, “There is fear among us. Our women have stopped wearing jewellery while leaving the house. The mobile phones are being snatched from their hands. Only Hindus living here are afraid of the rioters and criminals.”

Our team noticed a car parked at a short distance that was vandalized in the violence. It was still in the same condition.

Damaged car

‘Victims reside in G Block and not C Block’

Speaking to OpIndia, Rakesh Sahu, a local resident, said, “The violence-affected area is not C Block but G Block of Jahangirpuri. The mob came from C Block and ransacked the houses and shops that belonged to Hindus in G Block. No one came here to see the suffering of the Hindus. There is no sign of exodus in C Block. It is only 50 meters away from here.”

‘The allegations against the Police are false’

Rakesh added, “The Police controlled the violence in time that day. They are being falsely accused. There is no fear of the Police, but we are afraid of the rioters who were involved in the violence on the day when Hanuman Jayanti Shobha Yatra was attacked. As long as Police were deployed here, everything was under control. However, since the Police were withdrawn, the streets have been occupied, and old antics have been started.”

A local resident Rakesh Sahu while speaking to Opindia

‘Hindus are not rioters but victims’

Speaking on the allegations of one-sided action by the Police that were published in The Wire, Sahu said, “Hindus were not the rioter but victims. They were beaten up and dispersed from their religious procession. They were not armed. However, those who attacked the procession had weapons.”

‘Mosque has also been built by encroaching govt land’

Speaking about the anti-encroachment drive, Rakesh said, “No encroachment has been removed. Several houses and even a mosque were built on the green belt land and government parks. The park existed till B Block, but in the C Block, houses were built on that land. There was an unnecessary hue and cry over demolishing the mosque as it was built on encroached land. Many Muslims built illegal houses with the help of that mosque. They blocked the anti-encroachment drive before the authorities could clear the land.”

‘They are targeting Police as they want to do illegal businesses’

Sahu added, “Because of the Police deployment and continuous moment, the incidents of encroachment and burglary had stopped. That is why they are targeting the Police. This was the reason they joined Tiranga Yatra. A Pandit Ji was included to give it a genuine look. However, no peace and brotherhood were established because of that procession. It was just an attempt by Tabrez to cover up his own wrongdoings.”

The place where we talked to Rakesh was close to Gautam Studio. His shop was closed, but his bike, which was damaged in the violence, was standing there in the same condition.

Damaged Bike

‘Only rioters and criminals are blaming the Police’

Speaking to OpIndia, Chokhelal, a resident of G Block, also echoed in favour of the Police. He said, “Police did a great job. No one is leaving the area. Only rioters who were involved in illegal business. Those who are involved in crimes and riots are accusing the Police as they are getting caught. Hindus do not fear the Police. We are scared of what would happen if the Police leave. Yesterday, the Police presence was withdrawn, and there was an incident of theft at a Hindu family that works as a street vendor. Thieves took their cylinder as well. The roads were occupied as soon as Police left the area.”

A local resident Chokhelal while speaking to Opindia

‘A lot has changed since 1976’

Chokhelal said, “I have been living in Jagangirpuri since 1976. There were not many houses at that time. After the Indo-Pak war of 1971, Bangladeshis came and settled here. Now even parks and streets have been occupied by them. There was a green belt at the side of the mosque, but it has been occupied, and 25-yard houses have been turned into 50-yard houses.

‘We would not have survived in the absence of Police’

Another local resident Mukesh talked to OpIndia about how Police presence ensured their safety. He said, “The reports of people migrating from Jahangirpuri are rubbish. The allegations against Police are also fake. They saved us. We would not have survived in their absence. The Police here is very nice. Criminals and thieves are accusing them.”

A local resident Mukesh while speaking to Opindia

‘The violence was one-sided then how action can be two-sided’

Another Local Akash, who was also one of the eyewitnesses to the violence that took place on Hanuman Jayanti, told OpIndia, “Those who are shouting that the action is being taken on one side, they forget that the crimes took place only on one side. I was stopped by Ansar, who was accused of violence, who told me that I could not go through C block road. They attacked with full preparation. They raised slogans of ‘Pakistan Zindabad’. Hindus are reopening the shops. We are not afraid of Police. Their presence provides us with a sense of security. Most of the crimes committed here are by Bengali Muslims. The Police handled the situation very well. The allegations of atrocities against them are fake.”

A local resident Akash while speaking to OpIndia

‘Liquor was sold at the juice shop.’

Akash said that the Juice shop that was publicized during the anti-encroachment drive was infamous for selling liquor secretly. When the shop was demolished, alcohol bottles were found. There was a beer shop nearby, but as the taste of the juice was different, he used to sell alcohol mixed with juice. There is only one park left next to a mosque in C Block. Muslims started offering Namaz after covering the area with a shed. Now they have installed lights etc., in the park. The government park is under their possession. The encroachment was removed on the day of the anti-encroachment drive, now the encroachments are back, the illegal shops and establishments are all back. Roads are clogged and junk dealers are everywhere.

‘They would have killed me if I had not locked myself’

There is a security guard posted at State Bank ATM on Dhobi Ghar Road. He said, “I had locked myself in the ATM. The rioters were beating the gate from outside and shouting abuses at me. They wanted to kill me. They were armed. They broke my bike that was parked outside. I called the Police from inside. I had to spend Rs 4,000 to repair the bike. Even now, when I cross the road that has a mosque, I feel scared.”

Security Guard of ATM explaining the incident to OpIndia

‘Paramilitary handled the situation

A shopkeeper famous by the name Gupta Ji on Dhobighat road said, “The Police were not able to control the rioters alone. The Paramilitary came and brought the situation under control. All the houses built on Masjid Wali Road have been constructed by occupying roads and government land. The reports that the Police are harassing Hindus are false. Those who are indulged in chain snatching and other crimes are blaming the Police.

‘Police is our saviour’

Another local said, “My bike was broken by the rioters. The mob had come inside the locality. My scooty was also ransacked. Police presence gives us a sense of security. We do not have any problem with Police presence.”

A local resident while speaking to Opindia

‘Police absence is worrying us’

Shivam was standing at the intersection that joins G and C Block. He told us, “The allegations against the Police are absolutely wrong. Now Police are being removed. Their departure is worrying us. There were Police on that day, and we were saved by them. Otherwise, I do not know what would have happened. They are far from being afraid. Even if someone scolds one of their children, they call a mob within minutes. At present, they are silent. But for how long they are going to remain silent? They do not want peace. They are afraid of no one? We are scared of them.”

A local resident Shivam while talking to OpIndia

“When the clash took place, Hindus locked themselves in their homes instead of fighting back. Even small children had come to attack us. There has been strictness since the incident happened because of that the illegal businesses have stopped,” he added.

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