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Islamists, leftists and Congress supporters celebrate the death of PM Modi’s mother Heeraben

Some shameless Congress supporters were quick to draw parallels between PM Modi's mother getting hate to criticism directed at former PMs of the country, namely, Rajiv Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, and Jawaharlal Nehru. But they overlook a basic fact: Heeraben Modi was a private citizen, while the three former PMs were public figures accountable to the public.

Hours after the death of Heeraben Modi on Friday (December 30), the usual suspects took to social media to mock and hurl abuses at the mother of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Heeraben Modi passed away at the U. N. Mehta Institute of Cardiology & Research Centre in Ahmedabad at 100. Soon after, the coterie of Islamists and left-liberals began rejoicing at the news of her death.

Underneath an Instagram post by leftist propaganda outlet NDTV, one Usama mocked the Indian Prime Minister as ‘Butcher of Gujarat’ (despite him being given a clean chit by the Supreme Court of India).

Another user (@manojzack007) wrote, “Slow down bootlicker (a reference to Adani’s takeover of NDTV), will you now upload a full gallery of images (for Heeraben Modi).” One Mehdi Zafar even vowed to unfollow the news channel for covering the news of the death of PM Modi’s mother.

Screengrab of the comments

Others ridiculed the death of Heeraben as ‘Nautanki’ and demonised the deceased as a mother who gave birth to a jinn (referring to PM Modi).

One Instagram user (@name_is_soni) mocked, “ Ab ye photoshoot kis ke saath karega (Modi do his photoshoots now with whom now?)” One Babar Khan expressed happiness that 2023 has started with the death of the BJP.

With no regard for basic human decency, leftists, liberals and Islamists attempted to politicise the death of Heeraben Modi. One Instagram user alleged that the death of PM Modi’s mother would be marketed by Godi Media (a term invented by Ravish Kumar to delegitimise anyone calling out leftist propaganda).

“Now how he will take picture with her during elections to gain sympathy from andhbhakts…” wrote another user. One Samir Samuel then claimed that PM Modi exploited his mother to further his political ambitions. “Godi Media will cry now,” wrote another user.

Screengrab of the comments

Besides, supporters and trolls of the Congress party also took to social media to mock the demise of Heeraben Modi. One Richa Sharma, who happens to a believer in Gandhi & Nehruvian ideology, claimed that flower petals were being wasted for the last rites of Heeraben.

“Never seen rose petals being wasted the way they do for Modi and related people,” she wrote. One Congress troll (@ThanosVsAvenger) suggested that PM Modi should have got his estranged wife, Jashodaben, for ‘photoshoot’ on the occasion of his mother’s death.

After being called out on social media, Richa Sharma defended her act of mocking Heeraben’s death. She claimed that people always abuse Rahul Gandhi’s mother, grandfather, maternal grandmother and maternal grandfather. “Irony just died for these illiterate sanghis,” she further remarked.

It must be mentioned that it is not a new phenomenon within the Congress ecosystem to celebrate or mock the death of a rival political leader. We had earlier observed similar mockery of the deaths of BJP leaders Sushma Swaraj and Arun Jaitley.

False moral equivalence invoked to defend hate directed at Heeraben Modi after her death

Politicians are subject to public scrutiny but there is a thin line between holding them accountable and ridiculing their demise or their relative’s deaths. The coterie of leftists, liberals, Islamists and Congress trolls seem to forget this every time.

And on being called out for their abusive behaviour, they often resort to whataboutery and peddle victimhood. The criticism directed towards Rajiv Gandhi, Indira Gandhi or for that matter Jawaharlal Nehru is due to their policies that have impacted India in a negative way. They were public figures whose decisions impacted millions of Indians.

Therefore, every citizen has the right to criticise them for the choices they made during their reign. Nobody celebrated their assassinations or expressed glee over their deaths. Criticism directed at Rajiv Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, or Jawaharlal Nehru was and is limited to the realm of politics, not over their personal lives.

Therefore, this cannot be conflated with the case of Heeraben Modi, who was not a politician and did not hold any position of power. The visceral hatred for Prime Minister Narendra Modi has engulfed the ecosystem so severely that they now do not hesitate from even celebrating the death of his mother.

Despite this, they have the gall to draw a false equivalence and justify their actions.

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