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When SheThePeople hailed actor Siddharth as a crusader for women empowerment but he turned out to be anything but ‘feminist icon’

SheThePeople, a media website championing the cause of women, has turned a blind eye to actor Siddharth's sexual innuendos against Saina Nehwal

Sexual slurs, rape threats and explicit images: How hate-filled objectification of Hindu women continues unabated on social media

Hindu women have been subjected to myriad online attacks and harassment that have their roots in misogyny and religious bigotry

How political mudslinging over Saket Gokhale saga betrays the biggest hate speech that goes around unchecked in India

The left-leaning liberals have attacked Saket Gokhale over his Brahmin roots after he was accused of misappropriating crowdfunded money

Jawhar Sircar trivialises security of head of state as he peddles propaganda against PM Modi over new Mercedes-Maybach 650 Guard in his convoy

Jawhar Sircar insinuated that the new armoured vehicle of PM Modi was an extravagance and not a security prerequisite

As cryptocurrency exchanges up their PR campaign, NDTV deletes its ‘paid tweet’ encouraging people to leave their jobs to join crypto trading

NDTV drew backlash over a tweet wherein it urged people to leave their job and enlist themselves in full-time crypto trading

How paranoia over Bajrang Dal rally in Haryana’s ‘Mini Pakistan’ is an attempt by Islamists to shield culprits of anti-Hindu atrocities

Islamists have resorted to fear-mongering after Bajrang Dal organised a peaceful rally in Mewat against atrocities committed against Hindus

The ultimate ‘liberal’ hypocrisy: How the Left outrages over hate speech but turns a blind eye to hate crimes and violence

The dichotomy between the outrage over hate speech at 'Dharma Sansad' and silence over lynchings in Punjab displays the stunning hypocrisy of the liberals

Priyanka Gandhi, sitting in her ivory tower, thinks providing access to LPG cylinders and toilets is not women empowerment

Priyanka Gandhi recently proclaimed that LPG connections and toilets are not women empowerment.

The state of lawlessness: Political murders and lynchings that nobody is outraging about

Punjab, West Bengal and Kerala epitomise lawlessness as political murders and mob lynchings in these states continue unabated

YouTuber Abhisar Sharma peddles lies about Atal Bihari Vajpayee, claims the former PM likened Indira Gandhi to ‘Durga’ after 1971 war

Abhisar Sharma, in his YouTube video, claimed that Atal Bihari Vajpayee had called Indira Gandhi 'Durga' after the 1971 war

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