Tuesday, September 27, 2022
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The rise of Pro-Pakistan voices in India

People shout "Islam Zindabad, Pakistan zindabad, Hindustan Murdabad" in UP. This raises some serious challenges to our social realities.

Kejriwal promised 15 lakh CCTVs, now Sanjay Singh of AAP says no such promise

Will Delhi get 15 lakh CCTV cameras? AAP's top leaders contradict each other.

When theft in a Delhi school was used to drive mass hysteria on communal lines

Without waiting for facts, and later ignoring the facts, many tried to fan paranoia and propaganda. What gives?

Kejriwal gets cracking, but what about his team?

While Kejriwal has his eyes firmly on administration, his colleagues are making stray remarks

Free WiFi for Delhi* —– Conditions Apply

After 15 lakh CCTVs is Free WiFi in Delhi another "Chunavi Jumla" of AAP?

Is Kejriwal on his way to the post of Prime Minister?

Rahul Roushan's post captured what went wrong for BJP in the Delhi elections and how BJP should overcome it.

AIB Apology. Minority appeasement or a precedent?

AIB's apology has been disappointing

The Indian Express HSBC #SwissLeaks list, More sensationalism less substance?

What does the Indian Express list say and how many of the people named could actually be criminals?

How will Delhi vote? Some findings of our Contest

An analysis of all the entries we received for our Delhi Poll Predictor contest.

Christian missionary meets Jashodaben to “heal her”, Hindu groups are busy being stupid

Christian missionary Peter Paul met Jashodaben and conveyed what Hindu Reformer groups should have been conveying.

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