Saturday, September 18, 2021

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The Afghan war, the roots of the chaos, and the evolution of the world’s deadliest network of Islamic terror: How did it all start?

At first, Afghans backed the Taliban by giving them a chance. For Afghans, who had witnessed a long war, the Taliban promised two things. First, security to Afghans and secondly, a truce among mujahideen groups that continued to fight to control Afghan lands.

‘In India feminism ends where Islamism begins’: Watch Nitin Gupta ‘Rivaldo’ speak on ‘feminist’ hypocrisy on forced conversion

Nitin Gupta ‘Rivaldo’ has touched upon topics like the historical and ongoing religious persecution and systematic violence against Hindus.

Exploring the fine line of tragedy coverage in photojournalism: Who will decide where to draw the line?

Ethics is photojournalism stand on a very fine line. The moment you cross it, the photograph may become a tragedy of the lifetime.

Tip-off about porn racket in February, women lured with roles, Raj Kundra and his personal involvement: What led to his arrest and what we...

Probe found that porn movies produced by Raj Kundra were shot in a day at rented bungalows on outskirts of Mumbai, usually Madh Island

Olympics 1972: The Munich massacre and Israel’s audacious assassination operation ‘Wrath of God’ to avenge the dastardly attack

8 Palestinian terrorists raided the Olympics village on 5 September 1972 that resulted in the death of 11 Israelis, prompting the Jewish nation to launch operation “Wrath of God”, a covert assassination campaign

“Their fake fear is a story, your real story is phobia”: Watch Nitin Gupta ‘Rivaldo’ talking about forced religious conversions

Watch the second video in series on forced conversions by comedian Nitin Gupta 'Rivaldo', first video focused on conversion of minor girls

Pegasus ‘snoopgate’ explainer: Loopholes, conjectures, outright lies with links to the US establishment, Canada govt, George Soros and more

The Pegasus story may be a damp squib, but it has the marking of a story that is carefully crafted to affect "regime change".

Economy, Covid and oppression: Why Cubans are taking to the streets in biggest anti-government protests in over 3 decades

Cuba is witnessing its biggest protests in over thirty years, set off by struggling economy, regular power outages and Covid.

UP Law Commission floats population control bill draft: How the draft, in its current form, sacrifices merit in favour of fewer children

The draft of Uttar Pradesh Population (Control, Stabilization and Welfare) Bill, 2021 envisions benefits for those with two children.

Kerala has not reported less than 1000 Covid-19 cases in a single day for almost a year, Maharashtra in months: Details

Majority of the states in India are quickly recovering from the overwhelming Covid-19 second wave crisis, but not Kerala and Maharashtra

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