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A Parking dispute during a cricket match in Anand’s Chikhodra given communal colour by Leftist media, Police dismisses leftist claims as false

Left-wing portals including The Wire, Quint, Maktoob Media, and The Kashmiriyat gave a communal angle to the whole incident and tried to spread animosity between the two communities. 

‘Congress is dying, so Pakistan is crying’: PM Modi after former Pakistan minister Fawad Chaudhry praises Rahul Gandhi

PM Modi stated that Pakistan wants to see Rahul Gandhi as prime minister of India because it desires a weak government that doesn't respond to their terror attacks.

Gujarat: Hindu youth in Anand attacked by a Muslim mob for waving a saffron flag in Tiranga Yatra on Independence Day

On Friday, 18th August 2023, at 8 pm, a 21-year-old youth named Kalpesh Chauhan was on his way to Gorakhpur from Samarkha when some youths of the Muslim community in Samarkha, attacked him and beat him up with a bat.

Gujarat: Tension in Anand’s Umreth after molestation of minor Hindu girls by Muslim youths, Islamist mob with sticks and swords takes over street at...

According to reports, there was a dispute between the Hindu-Muslim community in Umreth, the taluka headquarters of Anand district, over the molestation of two Hindu minor girls.

Gujarat: Sahil Rafiq from Anand arrested for raping a married Hindu woman by threatening to make their chat viral

In the victim's statement, she mentioned that the accused Sahil Rafiq explicitly said, "No matter what you do, I like you, and I will have you by any means."

Gujarat: A case about illegally constructed hotel was given communal twist just because hotel owner was Muslim

A hotel, where two of the three directors are Muslims, is accused of violating margin norms in construction. However, some have given a communal twist to the protests by residents.

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