Tuesday, June 22, 2021


anti hindu

Is Siddharamaiah trying to be the new Indira Gandhi?

Karnataka Chief Minister seems to be trying to forcibly take over every pillar of society

Why I quit reading the New York Times

Their prejudice and hate is quite evident

Congress clarifies Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Non Hindu’ gaffe by creating more confusion

Congress hoping that the confusion would dampen the controversy?

Himanta Biswa Sarma terms reports alleging his insensitivity towards cancer patients as media distortion

His alleged statement was termed as insensitive towards those suffering with life-threatening diseases

Scroll now says that it is ‘Hindu nationalism’ to speak for Hindu riot victims in Bangladesh

From 'terror has no religion', the 'liberals' have now gone to 'expressing concern for human rights has a religion'.

Tipu Jayanthi celebrations show Indian secularism at its rotten worst

Congress needs to abandon British policy of divide and rule

Diwali is not a religious festival: how pseudo-seculars are distorting the history

Pseudo-seculars claim Diwali is not a Hindu festival.

Fact check: was Aurangzeb a “secular” ruler as his sympathisers claim he was?

Aurangzeb apologists try to portray him as a secular, sympathetic ruler which he was not.

Popular Bengali actress Nusrat Jahan insulted on Facebook for celebrating Durga Puja

She was trolled by extremists for celebrating a Hindu festival

Rohingya terrorists kill 28 Hindus including women and children: Myanmar Army

Hindus and Buddhists have faced attacks from Rohingya terrorists fighting in the Rakhine region of Myanmar.

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