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bihar assembly elections

Bihar Congress workers go wild, throw chairs, shout at each other over 2020 Assembly election defeat

The Bihar police needed to intervene to control the frenzied Congress party functionaries at the state headquarters.

Bihar’s female voter is the unsung ‘Person of the Year’, let us give her the respect she has earned: Here is how

A day after Bihar Assembly polls results, a much-flustered intellectual declared: “Elections are no longer the most happening things in our democracy.”

Bihar’s newly elected AIMIM MLA refuses to say ‘Hindustan’ during the oath-taking ceremony

BJP leader Pramod Kumar had rebuked the AIMIM leader by saying that those who have a problem with the word 'Hindustan', can go to Pakistan.

Bihar Assembly does not have a single Muslim MLA from ruling alliance for the first time since independence. Here is why

JDU, a major NDA alliance partner fielded 11 Muslim candidates in the Bihar elections and none of them managed to score a victory

Nitish Kumar swears in as Bihar CM for his fourth straight term, BJP leaders Tarkishore Prasad and Renu Devi become Dy CMs

The ruling NDA led by Nitish Kumar retained power in Bihar by securing a simple majority of 125 seats in the 243-member state Assembly

Ahead of swearing-in ceremony, state RJD Pres makes the rape analogy for Bihar assembly elections, abuses Nitish Kumar

Unable to fathom defeat and in a bid to discredit the winning NDA alliance, BIhar RJD President Jagada Nand Singh said that the BJP raped the people's mandate in Bihar

Watch: After Bihar elections, Congress leaders come down to blows, abuse each other in a major showdown

The controversy began over the decision to choose the leader of the Congress Legislature Party after the recently concluded Bihar elections

NDA win was a feminist victory — but liberals were left praising a privileged man

On the face of it, the Bihar elections were closely contested, but was it as closely contested as the media would like us to believe? If not, why?

Muslim man voted for Tejashwi, his wife voted for Modi: Viral video shows how women voted in record number to ensure NDA victory in...

The Muslim woman said that she wanted Modi to win in Bihar because he was a nice person and he had done good work for people.

“MGB would have lost regardless of AIMIM candidates”: Asaduddin Owaisi punctures Congress’ “vote katua” allegations

On the seats whered AIMIM contested and NDA won, the margin of victory is more than AIMIN votes, which shows they didn't effect MGB

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