Monday, September 27, 2021



Delhi Police say Jamia rioters were prepared, violence was not spontaneous but well-planned

Delhi Police has arrested 10 persons over their involvement in the Jamia Nagar riots in Delhi.

Anti-CAA protestors can target residences of Amit Shah and other senior ministers: Intel report

The enraged mobsters of anti-CAA protests had yesterday blatantly indulged in acts of violence, vandalism and arson in New Delhi

Irked Bengal governor takes to Twitter to hit out on Mamata, DGP for not briefing him on security updates

The situation in West Bengal turned critical as protestors opposing the CAA torched trains, vandalised stations and set buses on fire.

Who is instigating violence in colleges: Congress, NSUI, a sinister WhatsApp group and anti-CAA protests

Evidently, anti-CAA protests are not organic. They are clearly coordinated by Congress while trying their best to ensure that the Congress, NSUI connect does not get revealed so these protests can be passed off as organic.

Bangladesh asks for list of illegal citizens living in India, says will allow them to return

Bangladesh foreign minister has said that they will take back illegal Bangladeshi immigrants in India.

Delhi: ‘Hinduon se Azadi’ slogans raised at Jamia Nagar where anti-CAB protesters set buses on fire

The so-called 'protesters' at Jamia Nagar raised slogans of 'Hinduon se Azadi' and 'Chheen ke lengey Azadi' and 'Ladh ke lengey Azadi'.

After protests against CAB in Jamia Millia Islamia turn violent, all semester exams postponed, winter break announced

Jamia students have called a university lockdown on Saturday and had planned to boycott the exams holding protests against CAB

India’s Hindus are not ‘majority with a minority complex’, they are like a ship caught in a storm on the high seas

Hindus are nearly 80% in India. What do we have to worry about? Are Hindus a majority with a minority complex? 

In a viral video, Muslim ‘protestor’ says they’ ruled for 800 years’ but never ‘got arrogant’, threatens PM Modi with dire consequences over CAB...

Most of the protests happening against the CAB are being hijacked by the Muslim groups who are unleashing extreme violence across the country

Former Pakistan MP who now sells peanuts in Haryana recalls how he was being forced to convert to Islam, celebrates CAB

A former Pakistani MP who fled religious persecution in Pakistan and migrated to India is celebrating CAB

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