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In a viral video, Muslim ‘protestor’ says they’ ruled for 800 years’ but never ‘got arrogant’, threatens PM Modi with dire consequences over CAB and NRC

The man in the video is also heard giving a veiled threat saying: "if we (referring to his Muslim community) start showing our true colours than you will have no place to escape".

A Twitter user today shared a viral video from TikTok on the microblogging site, wherein a Muslim man holding protests against the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) and the National Register of Citizens (NRC) Bill is seen using harsh, abusive and provocative language against PM Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah and Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath.

The man who is protesting against the passing of CAB and NRC is heard saying that “….tum CAB aur NRC lakar hume desh se bahar nahi kar sakte. Uss samay Savarkar nahi aaye the ladne ko, humare ul Mae gramo ne is din ke liye nahi phasi ke phande ko chuma tha” roughly translated as [you cannot throw us out of the country by implementing CAB and NRC. That time Savarkar did not fight for India’s freedom it was our ‘Ulamas’ (scholars) who had laid their lives for India’s freedom]

He goes on to audaciously abuse the Prime Minister, Home Minister and Uttar Pradesh’s CM by saying: “Yeh Amit Shah or Modi ke baap ka Mulk nahi hain (this country is not Modi or Shah’s personal property), jo NRC ke jariye hume kehen rahen hain ki videshi hain, ghuspethia hain… (through the NRC bill they want to prove that either we are foreigners or intruders in our country).

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Though the massacres and atrocities perpetrated by Muslims rulers in India are unparalleled in history, the protestor brazenly hails the era by saying that “we ruled the country for more than 800 years but the success never got into our head. This Modi and Shah, who have been in power for only five years have lost their mind..”

At this point, the man in the video crosses all levels of decency and goes on to call Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath “chilam khor” (drug addict) whereas insults Narendra Modi and Amit Shah by calling them “daru baaz” (alcoholic). He furthers that: “Amit Shah desh ka sabse bada goonda hain (calls the Home Minister, India biggest goon) jo che mahine tak tadipar raha hain (who has been a fugitive for six months). Koi bill lakar usko desh se bahar karna chaiye…” (A bill should be brought to first throw him out of the country), the man is heard saying the video.

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In the protests against CAB, the protestor becomes even more brazen. He says: “what can be expected from a Prime Minister who has massacred more than 3000 people”, audaciously referring to the Godhra ‘hate crime’, which the Liberals and Muslims have still been using to malign the PM, despite the lie woven around the incident being busted time and again.

The man in the video is also heard giving a veiled threat saying: “if we (referring to his Muslim community) start showing our true colours than you will have no place to escape”.

Notably, while the Hindu refugees across the nation have been hailing and thanking PM Modi and Amit Shah for ending their atrocities by bringing in the Citizenship Amendment Bill, radicals like these have been spreading misinformation and hate across the nation. Most of the protests happening against the Bill are being hijacked by the Muslim groups who are unleashing extreme violence across the country.

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