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Do you know? The word ‘assassination’ originates from an old group of cannabis-addicted Islamic killers that were (in)famous for political murders

Interestingly, "assassination" and the historical group known as the Assassins have permeated popular culture, inspiring a wide array of myth, mysticism, and creative interpretations in movies, television shows, and video games. This legacy reflects both the fear and fascination that the original Assassins evoked.

Jadavpur University ragging case: Kolkata police uncovers possible angle of cannabis cultivation in hostel balcony

The University reportedly stands to face another big charge under relevant sections of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act if the authenticity of the said image is proved.

Singapore to execute Tamil man for coordinating smuggling of 1 kg cannabis, 11 persons were hanged in 2022

46-year-old Tangaraju was not caught during the delivery. But the authorities stated that he was responsible for coordinating it.

Muslim organisations denounce new ‘haram’ laws in Thailand pertaining to cannabis and same-sex marriage: Here is what happened

The League of Islamic Council of Southern Thailand has denounced three bills under consideration in the Parliament of Thailand

Yogi delivers on his promise, bans sale of liquor, cannabis within 10 km of Krishna Janmabhoomi temple, shops shut by the administration

As decided earlier, liquor shops within 10 km of Krishna Mandir Mandir in Mathura has been shut from June 1

United Nations classifies marijuana as a ‘less dangerous drug’, decision, for which India voted too, to help further medicinal use

With the categorisation of marijuana as a less dangerous drug, it is believed that the medicinal and therapeutic potential of the drug can now be recognised.

Cannabis: What is it, why is it banned in India and how Rajiv Gandhi played a role in its ban

Rajiv Gandhi government had passed the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act in 1985 to ban cannabis in India

Manipur government considering legalising cannabis plantation for medical and industrial use: CM N. Biren Singh

CM Biren Singh informed the assembly that Manipur govt is considering to legalize cannabis plantation

Scroll blames Tripura government for implementing law on cannabis

Tripura government attacked for stopping illegal ganja cultivation.

Over 3800 kg worth cannabis sized in the last two days from Tripura and Assam

As confirmed by the DR, in the last few months a total of 8900 kg ganja has been seized from Tripura alone.

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