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Pahad Singh also said that many such people come to these meetings and instigate the Adivasis
The crackdown of Urban Naxals by the present government seems to have created a void in the urban operations
The NDA government has taken various initiatives in cracking down Left wing terror in tribal areas and their counterparts in urban areas
These 'intellectuals' use their power to shape narratives to bend the government to their will.
CPM workers were obstructing the free and fair distribution of the relief material
Chatterjee was expelled from CPI(M) in 2008 for not toeing the party line during no-confidence motion against UPA government
On 4th August 2005, when Banerjee was in the opposition and the state was under the CPI(M) rule, she held very differing views on the issue
CPI-M believes any tie-up with Congress will compromise their fight against the BJP, their prime enemy.
The Home Ministry has categorically denied any political intention behind the meeting
When a democratically elected leader lauds a dictator who threatens the world with nuclear war.
The woman's car brushed against his, which flared his temper!
He allegedly engaged in physical relations after promising marriage.

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