Saturday, December 4, 2021


Donald Trump Jr

Donald Trump Jr calls this corrigendum by Washington Post as the ‘greatest correction in the history of journalism’: Details

How Washington Post turned F*ck Joe Biden to 'Let's go Brandon' and then corrected itself

Donald Trump Jr. slammed for posting image with distorted map of India, ex-senior Pakistan diplomat to India calls it ‘very encouraging’

Donald Trump Jr posted the image of a world map where Jammu & Kashmir and North-Eastern part of India were shown as separate.

After Donald Trump and his son, Ivanka Trump shares Indian memes to appreciate the warmth of Indians

Ivanka Trump shares memes of her photos posted on Twitter, "It was an experience I will never forget", she says

Trump Junior shares meme video of Donald Trump dancing to song ‘Malhari’ from movie Bajirao Mastani

Through this 47-second long video, Donald Trump Jr. took a jibe at the Democratic Party after it failed to impeach his father at the US senate.

Media selectively quotes Donald Trump Jr. to project him as a hypocrite romanticising poverty in India

Donald Trump Jr was falsely projected as hypocrite who romanticises poverty while enjoying his personal wealth

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