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Earlier, AAP was caught running Facebook ads seeking donations in Middle-Eastern countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Oman
AAP has earlier been in the soup for donation received from seemingly dubious sources and secret trips to Dubai
State Bank of India takes steps to provide respite to families of martyrs.
Surat police confirms that Rakesh Asthana didn't make any such donation
AAP is yet to answer questions regarding its earlier donation collection.
In the end, one can only hope that people's faith in humanity is not broken.
Did media jump the gun to collect money on basis of the viral image?
The notice was issued based on a CBDT report which indicated that there were discrepancies in the disclosure of donations received by the party
Taking ideological vetting to a new level?
A man Mukesh Sharma had told NDTV that he was the real face behind 2 crore rupees donated to AAP
The donors list was removed after the Income Tax asked for some details.
Here's a translation of the letter an emotional Anna wrote to Kejriwal.
A former member has asked not to donate to the party till it makes donors’ list public.

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