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Tamil Nadu Commission for SC/ST cries ‘discrimination’ over the exclusion of beef biriyani from the ‘Ambur Biryani Tiruvizha 2022’, calls it ‘communal’

Earlier, the District Collector of Tirupattur had called for the exclusion of beef and pork biriyani from the 'Ambur Biriyani Thiruvizha 2022.

Karnataka: Only Hindus to be allowed to open shops during the historic Kote Marikamba Jatre in Shivamogga

On the demand of Hindu activists, non-Hindus will not be alloted shops during Kote Marikamba Jatre in Shivamogga

Devdutt Pattnaik has a meltdown after his National Youth Festival session could not be streamed due to ‘technical difficulties’

Devdutt Pattnaik event had become unavailable after netizens demanded the Centre to drop him as a speaker from Youth Festival

Devdutt Pattnaik event goes missing and unavailable after netizens outrage over govt invitation to him for Youth Festival

Netizens highlighted abusive tweets by Devdutt Pattnaik after he was invited as a speaker at National Youth Festival

“Hindu men are jealous of Muslim men so they want to molest Muslim women on Holi” and other Hinduphobic rants on Holi by Islamists

With the festival of colours, Holi, just round the corner, Hinduphobia also seems to be on the rise on social media as tweets likening Holi to 'rape' and 'molestation' and 'rape culture' have started surfacing.

Islamists and Leftist trolls resort to Hinduphobia, say Hindu festival is celebrated to ‘molest’ women

Leftists ganged up with Islamists to indulge in usual Hinduphobia and bashing of Holi

Chennai mall justifies azaan calls, 5 times a day, on mall speakers, because they also celebrate Diwali once a year

A mall in Chennai has justified playing azaan, call to pray for Muslims, five times a day because it also "celebrates Christmas, Diwali and Pongal".

Festivals and political opportunism of media: ‘The Guardian’ and its anti-Hindu agenda

International media outlet ‘The Guardian’, propagates an anti-Hindu agenda which fairly contributes in defaming and stigmatizing everything that is related to Hinduism

Kerala elephant owners threaten to boycott Thrissur Pooram after govt bans most popular elephant from the festival

Fans of the elephant allege that the government was interfering with the traditions whereas the government says that it took the decision based on safety concerns.

The Mahaparva of Chhat Puja: Here is what it means

History of the Chhath or Sun worship goes back to the Ramayana period when Mata Sita had performed the Chhath with fasting and sun worship.

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