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Maharashtra continues to account for 33 percent of total active coronavirus cases, remains worst hotspot state in the country

Maharashtra has been the worst hotspot in the country recording more fresh cases of Coronavirus than any other state in the country

Test positivity rate, deaths per million and ‘secular’ states: What the media won’t show you about coronavirus data in India

As for Gujarat, our intellectuals will need to find better reasons to criticize than words of some racist Brit from the last century.

Meerut: Massive lockdown violation in Coronavirus hotspot Jali Kothi, five including Yusuf Badshah arrested

13 individuals have tested positive for Coronavirus thus far in Jali Kothi, Meerut and the area has been declared a hotspot.

UP govt to demarcate places notorious for illegal cow slaughter and declare them as hotspots as done for coronavirus cases

Since Yogi Adityanath assumed office, he has attempted to address the menace of cattle smuggling and illegal cow slaughter in the state

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