Saturday, April 10, 2021



Rajasthan: Dr Ibrahim tests positive for coronavirus, continues to treat patients at his clinic in Jhalwar

The doctor named Ibrahim had hidden details of him having coronavirus and treated patients at his clinic for two days

Kent RO apologises, takes down ad after it received backlash for insensitive advertisement portraying domestic helps as infection carriers

Kent RO Systems was found promoting its new Bread and Atta maker machine with an insensitive ad campaign that insinuated that domestic helps are infection carriers.

Alert in North-east after African Swine Fever kills more than 14,000 pigs in Assam

The Assam government has announced that the deadly epidemic of African Swine Fever has killed more than 14,000 pigs in the state

China: Man who ate raw snake gallbladder and raw seafood finds out that his lungs are filled with worms

The Chinese man visited a doctor after experiencing breathing difficulties, only to find that his lungs were infested with live worms.

110 people sent to isolation fearing community transmission due to carelessness of two hospitals handling Bihar’s first Covid-19 patient

2 staff of pvt hospital met 130 people before they tested Covid-19 positive, AIIMS staff handed the body of Covid-19 patient to family

Animals too can test positive for Wuhan Coronavirus: Here is all you need to know about the 2 dogs who contracted the virus in...

There is no evidence that pets like dogs can get ill from the virus or transmit it to people, but it is still recommended to take precautions

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