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Gujarat: Torrential rains trigger severe floods in Junagadh, state government and local authorities carry out massive rescue and relief operations

Heavy rains on the Girnar Mountain in Junagadh resulted in water seeping into the city and inundating several areas of the city.

Junagadh violence was pre-planned: Notice from the corporation was leaked, trucks filled with stones were kept ready, rioters arrived from outskirts

The Junagadh violence was pre-planned as the plan to send demolition notice to Dargah was leaked in advance

‘Hit the police, burn everything’: How an Islamist mob launched attack in Junagadh, Gujarat, amid chants of Allahu Akbar: Read details of the FIR

In the Gujarat violence, the police filed an FIR based on the complaint filed by a woman police officer at the Junagadh police station

Gujarat: Fake claims on social media after violence in Junagadh, know the truth behind ‘dargah demolition’ and ‘police atrocity on Muslims’

Notices were issued to 8 religious places, allegedly constructed illegally, which included 3 Hindu temples and 5 dargahs.

Junagadh Violence: Conspiracy to burn bus full of passengers exposed, Islamist mob let passengers go after the driver told them he was a Muslim

Islamist mob tried to burn bus full of passengers during the Junagarh violence and stopped only after the driver said he was Muslim

Minor children were a part of the mob pelting stones: NCPCR takes cognisance of the viral video of Junagadh violence

NCPRC pointed out that it is a prima facie violation of Section 75 and Section 83(2) of the Juvenile Justice Act of 2015.

Gujarat: Violent mob attacks police and sets vehicles on fire over municipality notice to demolish illegal Daragah in Junagadh

The visuals of the incident emerged online wherein it is seen that the large mob hurls stones at the police while officers try to bring the situation under control by using tear gas shells. An additional police force was deployed and a lathi charge was done to control the violent mob.

Junagadh: Hindu organizations get a minor Love Jihad victim married after she became 18 years old, say Hindu society stands by their daughters

Junagadh: Commendable work of Hindu organizations, gets minor Love Jihad rape victim married after she turned 18

Junagadh: 2000 Muslims come to protest against demolition of illegal structures, including dargahs and mazars, approach court after drive continues

According to reports, as many as 176 illegal mazars and 18 other religious sites have been demolished so far. The Junagadh District Collector and Inspector General along with other high ranking officials were also present during the demolition.

While Muslims could earn FIR against Kajal Hindustani after protests, the same protest got FIR against hundreds of them too. Details

Police official describes eye witness account of the violence unleashed by Muslim mob on 31st March 2023 as part of preplanned conspiracy following Kajal Hindustani's speech in Una on Ram Navami

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