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Social media users claim Modi govt restricted personal computer imports to benefit JioBook, the fact is it will be worst affected product: Details

Will restriction on import of personal computers benefit Reliance's Jio Book? A fact check

Uttar Pradesh: Police recover lost laptop of a Hyderabad techie, he writes about his positive experience

Mohan Bachu, a techie from Hyderabad, who lost his laptop in Kashi, shared his experience with UP Police and writes about its remarkable transformation under CM Yogi.

US-based company claims Stan Swamy was framed using ‘planted files’ on his computer, whereas charge-sheet mentioned emails

US based Arsenal Consulting claims files were planted on computer of Stan Swamy to frame him, while evidence against him include emails and messages

Mac store owner describes encounter with drunk Hunter Biden: Here is why he ‘washed his hands’ after checking laptop with password ‘an*lf*ck69’

John Paul Mac Isaac's upcoming book - "American Injustice: My Battle to Expose the Truth," which narrates what transpired on the night Isaac met Hunter Biden in April 2019.

Pakistan: PTV fails to cover PM Shehbaz Sharif’s Lahore visit as their laptop battery drained out, 17 officials suspended

As PTV Lahore does not have high end laptop needed to transmit PM's event, they had used the personal laptop of an official

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