Monday, July 22, 2024


Maa Kaali

Former HT journalist’s descent into madness over PM Modi referring to Goddess Kaali as ‘Maa’ is epic: Read details

After being quizzed by Hindu netizens about her contentious remarks, Kanika attempted to shame them with 'gaumutra jibes.

Mahua Moitra is guilty according to the ‘Nupur Sharma Law’, the jurisprudence of which was set by you, dear Liberals

About Mahua Moitra and her supposedly offending remarks on Ma Kali, liberals have been defending her- but they have no right to

TMC condemns comments on Goddess Kaali by its own MP Mahua Moitra, distances itself from her remarks

Distancing itself from Mahua's controversial comments, the party said that the comments were made by Mahua Moitra in her personal capacity and were not endorsed by TMC.

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