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Newslaundry whitewashes Mira Road violence against Hindus, cries ‘majoritarianism’ while painting Islamists as victims and harbingers of reconciliation

The guilt-tripping did not end with painting Muslims as victims and Hindus as aggressors. 'Journalist' Manisha Pande went a step ahead and put the onus of 'inclusive behaviour' exclusively on the Hindu community.

Tension in Leicester due to Muslim enclaves and their majoritarianism: Report submitted in House gives 4 key recommendations to protect Hindus

The fact-finding report gave 4 recommendations to prevent unrest and targeted violence, as witnessed in Leicester between August and October 2022.

Sri Lanka crisis: Liberals scream about ‘majoritarianism’ to avoid talking about dynastic loot, cronyism, rent-seeking

It is weird that so many of you ‘fearless and independent’ folks that call yourself economists, journalists and academicians are blaming the exact same thing – majoritarianism - for Sri Lanka crisis

India’s shift to ‘Majoritarianism’: Deal with it

Kashi Vishwanath Corridor was inaugurated today with pomp and show and the usual suspects are crying 'Majoritarianism'

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