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How Varna of Vedic era has been corrupted into vote-bank and caste-wars in modern times. Evolution of ‘caste’ though ages

What ‘caste’ was in the Vedic era, how it interplays with birth and occupation, and how it has evolved through various stages of history. An excerpt from Rajiv Malhotra’s book.

‘Aurangzeb built mosques after breaking temples in Varanasi and Mathura’: Old video of Irfan Habib admitting to temple destruction by Mughals goes viral

Following the Supreme Court verdict on the Ram Janmabhoomi case, there has been a growing demand among Hindus to reclaim Kashi and Mathura, along with Ayodhya. Taking back the disputed sites of Kashi Vishwanath temple and Krishna Janmabhoomi temple at Mathura has now become a priority for various Hindu groups in the country.

30000 men slaughtered in 6 hours: When Nadir Shah of Iran wreaked havoc in Delhi, and Mughals had to give away Afghanistan

Nadir Shah's army decimated the Mughals force and carried out a fierce massacre in Delhi. Nadir Shah took away the Peacock Throne and the Kohinoor diamond.

Kalyan Jewellers claim Mughals introduced nose rings in India, corrects misinformation after public outrage

Kalyan Jewellers sparked a controversy after it claimed that nose rings were first introduced in India by the Mughals.

Project to translate Fatawa Alamgiri raises more than half of targeted funds, this is why organisers think it is important

The Jaipur Dialogues has estimated that the translating the Fatawa Alamgiri to Hindi will take 2-3 years and cost around ₹50 lacs.

BJP MP Udayanraje Bhosale presents token of appreciation to Yogi Adityanath for renaming Mughal Museum after Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

SP and Congress had slammed Yogi Adityanath for renaming Mughal Museum in Agra after Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

History books should teach India’s civilisational, linguistic heritage, not unfounded claims: Parliamentary Committee meets to discuss NCERT books

The panel heard suggestions from ex-NCERT director and other representatives on reforms in textbooks

‘Tatlu’ gang members Sadam and Asgar arrested for selling fake ‘Mughal-era gold bricks’

'Tatlu' gang has duped more than 200 people in the last few years.

Demolish Jama Masjid, hang me if Hindu idols are not found: Sakshi Maharaj

"Mughals played with the sentiments of Hindus and demolished temples to construct mosques over them", he said.

Uttar Pradesh: 111 antique metal coins assumed to be from Mughal era found

The coins will be sent to the archaeological department for further examination.

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