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NAN Scam Whatsapp Chats

The Chhattisgarh Files: How senior lawyer, paid Rs 80 L to represent Baghel govt in NAN scam, was taking orders from accused whom ACB...

While NAN scam is elaborate, what is far more elaborate is extent to which Bhupesh Baghel seems to have gone to save Anil Tuteja

In 2017, Bhupesh Baghel wrote to PM demanding action against NAN scam accused, later, appointed him in govt: Questions Congress must answer

The BJP government had launched a probe into what came to be known as the NAN scam and subsequently, 27 people were booked

The Chhattisgarh Files: Docs, Chats show how prime accused was himself ‘managing’ NAN scam investigation, Baghel issued ‘hitlist’ to implicate Raman Singh, others

OpIndia has accessed Whatsapp chats of Anil Tuteja - prime accused in NAN scam managing his own investigation

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