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The rise of Digital Leisure as Online Gaming surpasses traditional entertainment

The growth of online gaming platforms has profoundly impacted the entertainment industry.

How Fintech is streamlining transactions in Real Money games

Digital payment has been a key contributor to the success of real-money games.

How Indian men and women differ when it comes to gameplay time

Traditionally, gaming has been perceived as a predominantly male activity, with men usually encouraged to pursue leisure activities that align with notions of competitiveness and strategic thinking.

Understanding gaming’s influence on mental health and wellness

Playing online games come with both advantages and disadvantages related to one’s mental wellness.

Did you know that almost 1 Billion people are playing Online Games?

The claim that 1 billion individuals engage in online gaming raises eyebrows and demands investigation.

Maharashtra: MLA Bachchu Kadu to send legal notice to Sachin Tendulkar for promoting online gaming

MLA Bachchu Kadu said, "We will send a notice to Sachin Tendulkar on the 30th of August 2023."

‘Bheek Maango Andolan’: Nashik man starts a campaign to send money to Ajay Devgn urging him to stop promoting online casino games

A man Nashik said that he is collecting alms which he will send to the Ajay Devgn and he will urge him not to promote online casino games.

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