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Congress’ facade of women empowerment has been exposed several times in the past owing to their actions
On International Women's Day, even as Rahul Gandhi makes a gaffe-filled speech about empowerment women, Congress spokesperson Sanjay Jha exposed his sexism and misogyny while trying to deride Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Congress party Rajya Sabha MP issued a threat to investigative agencies that the government will change and then they will 'decide' on officials.
Sanjay Jha is no stranger to scoring self-goals.
There were others who criticised Arnab's appointment, though none of them matched Sanjay Jha in terms of Bollywood dialogue content.
Not too long ago, Justice Chelameswar was embroiled in a head-on clash with the then CJI Dipak Misra.
Congress leaders as well as various 'journalists' also follow this account
Is Congress' hate for Modi so strong, that they are willing to compromise national security?
Congress SM head tries to take a dig at Prime Minister's 'hugplomacy', snubs Punjab CM Captain Amarinder, instead
Twitterati took a dig at the jury awarding NDTV with the award.
Jha spread a photoshopped image on Twitter, which also demeaned the police force of Gujarat.
Hinduphobic 'comrades' celebrates murder of a journalist.
People associated with AAP and some assorted Modi haters teamed up to spread another lie.
'saffronization' of cabs vs 'yellow' journalism

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