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‘Vote jihad’ to ‘we are not kaafir’: How politicians of so-called ‘secular’ parties have tried to convince voters that voting for Modi is against...

In the presence of her uncle Salman Khurshid, Maria Khan said that practising ‘vote jihad’ is needed in the current situation. 

Read what advocate Vishnu Jain put forward as reasons to remove “Socialist” and “Secular” from Preamble of Constitution, which Supreme Court didn’t have time...

In previous hearing, Vishnu Jain had argued that the Preamble of Constitution of India comes with a specific date, therefore it cannot be amended without discussion.

Supreme Court to hear Subramanian Swamy’s plea to delete ‘secular’ and ‘socialist’  from the preamble of constitution in April

The Supreme Court on Friday adjourned the petition filed by BJP leader Subramaniam Swamy seeking to delete the words ‘secular’ and ‘socialist’ from the Preamble of the Indian Constitution.

UK-based National Secular Society removes mention of Jews while sharing message on Holocaust Memorial Day

A user on X wrote, "Glad that you’re marking the day. Concerned, as a member, that you felt the need to erase Jewish victims from your memorial. Any explanation?"

Congress’ Adhir Chowdhury says Modi govt removed ‘secular’ and ‘socialist’ from the copies of Constitution given to MPs, and he added them on his...

Chowdhury said that he wanted to raise the issue in the Parliament but did not get the chance to do so

‘Durga Puja is a secular festival just like a fair, not religious’, says Calcutta High Court rejecting ban on puja on public ground

Calcutta HC said that Durga Puja is one of the most secular festivals and not a purely religious one.

Leftist students pelt stones at Ram Navmi Pujan in JNU, blame ABVP for creating a ruckus in a mess over non-veg food

ABVP has stated that the Leftist students disrupted the Hawan and Puja organised for Ram Navami at Kaveri hostel.

TOI gives a ‘secular’ spin to tragedy where student ends life after missionary school in TN pressurised her to convert to Christianity

In order to give the tragedy a 'secular' spin, TOI has completely overlooked the religious conversion angle in both the headline and its report

Moplah massacre: Classical dancer Kalyanikutty Amma’s granddaughter recounts how their ancestral home is now occupied by Muslims

Amidst the ongoing campaign to "secularise" the Moplah massacres and portray it as a freedom struggle, Smitha Rajan has put out a Facebook post recounting how legendary Mohiniyattam performer Kalyanikutty Amma and her family had to flee from their own house in Kerala during the Moplah massacres in 1921.

Maharashtra: Police arrest occult practitioner ‘Baba Karim Khan Bengali’ for cheating young woman, media reports call him ‘Tantrik’

On Monday, a self-proclaimed 33-year-old occult practitioner named Baba Karim Khan Bengali was arrested by Navi Mumbai police in Maharashtra for duping a 26-year-old woman of Rs 4.57 lakh after promising her of performing "black magic" to lure her estranged lover into marrying her.

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