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Ukraine Russia conflict

India refuses to endorse joint communique favouring Ukraine: How India has been advocating for dialogue and diplomacy rather than one-sided bullying

It is rather ironic that 80+ countries adopted a joint communique for lasting peace in Ukraine without inviting the other party in the conflict—Russia—to the Summit. It seemed like the only agenda of this communique was to build a consensus that peace in Ukraine must not be at the expense of territorial integrity.

USA failed to track weapons and equipment worth over $1 billion given to Ukraine: Concerns flare up about possible smuggling and illicit trading

"The DoD did not fully comply with the EEUM program requirements to account for EEUM‑designated defense articles in Ukraine. As of June 2, 2023, $1.005 billion, or 59 percent of the more than $1.699 billion, of EEUM‑designated defense articles was delinquent for a required serial number inventory," the DoDIG's report reads.

Ukraine legalises marijuana, says it will help to cope with the trauma of war

It reported on Thursday that the law was adopted with 248 votes in favour, 16 votes against, 33 abstentions and 40 members not voting. The new law will come into effect after six months.

Russia asks Pakistan, Egypt, Brazil and other countries to return helicopter engines as Ukraine conflict continues to grow: Report

Moscow has approached Egypt, Pakistan, Belarus and Brazil for the return of helicopter engines to be used in the Ukrainian war

Advisor to Ukraine President Zelenskyy says his own video of him saying Indians and Chinese are stupid is ‘Russian propaganda’

Taking to X, formerly Twitter, Mykhailo Podolyak blamed Russian propaganda for taking his words out of context.

‘India and China are stupid for not getting involved in war against Russia’: Ukrainian politician claims Indians and Chinese have ‘low intellectual capacity’

Mykhailo Podolyak said, "What’s wrong with India, China, and so forth? The problem is that they are not analysing the consequences of their steps."

Indian medical students in Ukraine struggle amid war as locals ask them to ‘go back’ citing Indo-Russia ties

Nearly 3,400 determined students have defied the risks and returned to Ukraine to complete their degrees, but facing discrimination from locals

Pentagon says it overestimated war aid sent to Ukraine by $6.2 Billion due to “accounting error”

US says that it overestimated finanical aid to Ukraine by $6.2 billion due to an accounting error

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